FC-9801U model2

  Normal Power UP
Name FC-9801U model2 FC-9801U model2 Super
Mother Board Name NEC PC-9801UR Compatible
Chipset NEC Custom (PC-9801UR)
Socket Nothing -
Sys. Clock 8/16MHz 16MHz
Regulator Nothing -
(BIOS Rev.)
No Support (?)
CPU Type NEC μPD70116H-16, V30HL (16bit) NEC μPD70116H-16, V30HL (16bit)
Operation Clock 16MHz 16MHz
1stCache Nothing -
Coprocessor Nothing intel i8087-1 (8MHz)
Memory 2ndCache Volume Nothing
Maximum -
Type -
Volume 640KB 8.6MB
Maximum 12MB
Type DRAM with Parity Memory Board and Memory Card
Graphic Chip NEC Custom (EGC) NEC Custom (EGC)
VRAM 256KB 256KB
Connection On Board On Board
Sound Chip YAMAHA YM2203C YAMAHA YM2203C
Type PSG, FM, Noise PSG, FM, Noise
MIDI Nothing Nothing
Modem Name Nothing Nothing
MAX Speed - -
Extend Bus C-Bus #1/RAS - MELCO LGH-98
#2 - NEC PC-9801-92
#3 - I-O DATA PC34R-8M
Memory Card Slot - - -
Interface IDE Type IDE IDE
Connection On Board On Board
SCSI Type Nothing SCSI-1 (PIO)
Connection - On C-Bus
RS-232C MAX Speed 9,600bps 9,600bps
Channel 1 Ch 1 Ch
LAN Type Nothing 10BASE-T
Connection - On C-Bus
Channel - 1 Ch + Hub (8Port)
Graphic RGB (OUT) RGB (OUT)
Joystick Nothing Nothing
Others Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, 1MB FDD I/F Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, 1MB FDD I/F
Drive FDD 3.5"-2HD 2mode 1drive: NEC FD1138C 3.5"-2HD 2mode 1drive: NEC FD1138C
HDD IDE: Conner CP2024 (20MB) IDE: Victor JDE2850P30 (40MB)
CD-ROM Nothing Nothing
Others RAM Drive: 1MB (FDD Compatible) RAM Drive: 1MB (FDD Compatible)
Display Nothing Nothing
Printer Nothing Nothing
Others Nothing Nothing



FC-98, FC-9800, FC-9801, FC-9821 は NEC社の商標または登録商標です。