Normal Power UP
Name N8100-9020 N8100-9021X Super+
Mother Board Name MSI MS-9657 MSI MS-9666 *1
Chipset Intel X38 Express (Bearlake-X) + ICH9R Intel 3450 (Ibexpeak)
Socket LGA 775 LGA 1156
Sys Clock 800MHz 1333MHz
Regulator -
VRM On Board
PCI Rev. 2.3
PCI-Express Rev. 2.0
(BIOS Rev.)
Support (6.0.0021) Support (1.0.0024 Custom) *2
CPU Type intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 (64bit) intel Xeon X3480 (64bit)
Core / Thread 2/ 2 4/ 8
Operation Clock 1.8GHz 3.06GHz (Turbo Boost Max 3.73GHz)
1stCache 64KB x2 64KB x4
2ndCache 1MB (On die, Full Speed) 256KB x4 (On die, Full Speed)
3rdCache Nothing 8MB (On die, Full Speed)
Coprocessor On Chip On Chip
Memory Volume 512MB 16GB
Maximum 8GB 16GB
Type 240pin DDR2 SDRAM with E.C.C. DIMM
(Dual Channel Support)
240pin DDR3 SDRAM with E.C.C. DIMM
(Dual Channel Support)
Speed DDR2 800/ PC2-6400 DDR3 1333/ PC3-10600
Graphic Chip Nvidia GeForce8400GS Nvidia GeForce7900GTX
VRAM 256MB 512MB
Connection On PCI Express x16 Bus On PCI Express x16 Bus
Sound Chip Realtek ALC880 Creative M. CA20K2 (Xtreme Fidelity)
Type PCM (2Ch) PCM (7.1 Ch)
MIDI Nothing Creative M. X-Fi (GM, MT-32)
Modem Name Nothing Nothing
MAX Speed - -
Extend Bus PCI-Express
#1 (x16) NEC N8005-FS19 Asus EN7900GTX/2PHT/512M
#2 (x8 *3) (PCI Bus) - EN7900GTX VGA Cooler
#3 (x8 *4) (PCI Express x16 Bus) Ably-Tech GH-EB262-C7
PCI Bus #4 - Creative M. SB X-Fi Elite Pro *5
#5 *6 Nothing Kurouto Shikou 1394V-LPPCI2
#6 *6 Nothing AREA SD-PCI9805-1P
Interface SATA Type Serial-ATAII Serial-ATAII
Connection On Board On Board
RAID Support Support
IDE Type Nothing Nothing
Connection - -
RAID - -
SCSI Type Nothing Nothing
Connection - -
RS-232C MAX Speed 115.200bps
Channel 2 Ch.
LAN Type 1000BASE-T
Connection On Board PCI Express
Channel 1 Ch.
Graphic Digital-DVI (OUT), S/Video (OUT), RGB (OUT) Digital-DVI (OUT), RGB (OUT), Digital-DVI (OUT x2),
HDTV (OUT), S/Video (OUT)
Sound LINE (IN, OUT), Phone, Mic Line (IN, OUT x3), Digital (IN, OUT), Mic
Joystick Nothing Nothing
Others Keyboard, Mouse, Pallalel I/F, USB (2.0) x6 Keyboard, Mouse, Pallalel I/F, USB (2.0) x8,
IEEE-1394a x3, e-SATA x2
Drive FDD 3.5"-2HD 3mode 1drive: ALPS DF354N120N 3.5"-2HD 3mode 1drive: TEAC FD-05PCR
HDD Nothing Serial-ATAII: Western Digital WD5000AAKS (500GB)
Serial-ATAII: Western Digital WD6400AAKS (640GB)
CD-ROM Nothing Nothing
Others DVD Super Multi: ATAPI, MATSHITA SW-9590-C DVD Super Multi: Serial-ATA, Optiarc AD-7203S
Card Reader/Writer: USB, TEAC FD-05PCR
PC Case Type ATX Mini Tower
Name NEC 856-060350-008
Power Supply Lead Year Enterprise TG-6380 (380W) Kurouto Shikou KRPW-P630W/85+ (630W)
Display Nothing Princeton PTB-TMW19B (19" Wide TFT)
Printer Nothing Nothing
Others Nothing Scanner: EPSON EP-902A (Network)
LCD Tablet: Princeton PTB-TMW19B (USB)

 Express5800/S70 タイプ RBの動作テスト結果については、「第三研究所所長のブログ」の「パソコン」カテゴリにて暫定公開中。

*1 Express5800/S70 タイプ RBのマザーボードに入れ替え。

*2 BIOSの一部 (ACPI関連) を書き換えたもの。(メーカー保証外)

*3 スロット形状は x8、接続は x4モード。

*4 スロット形状は x8、接続は x1モード。

*5 改造品。音質向上のため電解コンデンサを、ニチコン MUSEシリーズ (サウンド部) と三洋 OSコン (電源部) に交換したもの。

*6 GH-EB262-C7を使用して、PCIバススロットを増設。



Express5800 は NEC社の商標または登録商標です。

Pentium, Xeonは、intel社の商標または登録商標です。