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Haniwas in situ

There are two Kofun groups known in the Tokyo lowlands. One is the Kenaga group in Adachi ward and the other one is the Shibamata-Tateishi group in Katsushika ward.

Shibamata-Hachiman-Jinja Kofun, one of the latter group, has been under summer excavations 1998-2000 by the Katsushika City Museum. This was named after the Shibamata-Hachiman-Jinja Shrine where it situates. Supposed center of the Kofun lies under the present shrine house. This had been well known because of the exposed stone chamber and Haniwa pieces long since. In 1965, in advance of the reconsruction of the shrine, archaeologists researched there and confirmed the presence of Kofun. The stone chamber was then reconctructed under the floor of the shrine house.

The latest research resulted in the discovery of Haniwas in standing positions in almost straight line and moat like trenches surrounding the shrine. Accompanied Sueki ware was identified as TK43 type, which is dated to the later half of the 6th century.

@ Fieldwork photos: © Katsushika City Museum 1999