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Welcome to the Friends of Micronesia's Home Page.
The Friends of Micronesia (FOM) is a NGO (Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization) in Japan.
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  1. Our chairman Mr. Motoyoshi had passed away.
  2. Nan Madol ruin movie 26sec. 743KB (Oct. 03 2001)
  3. Paul Jacoulet Ukiyo-e print stamps added(stamp) photo renewal(May. 05 2001)
  4. Native canoe of Micronesia(stamp)(Oct. 23 1998)
  5. Native costumes of Micronesia(stamp)(Oct. 19 1998)
  6. Native fish of Micronesia(stamp)(Oct. 18 1998)
  7. What's FOM?(Jun. 01 1998)
  8. Nan Madol [Ancient large Ruin](Jun. 01 1998)
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What do you know about Micronesia?

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Friends Of Micronesia

Friends Of Micronesia

Friends Of Micronesia

Many people think of Micronesia as a beautiful place
where there are many small islands in the Pacific Ocean
and true blue nature lagoons.

But we must remember that
these lovely Micronesian Islands also have a history.

(From our [Prospectus])

PATS NGO-"Friends Of Micronesia" was established for supporting PATS,
a group founded by Fr. Costigan's work.

He was the founder of PATS, Ponape Agriculture and Trade School,
the only four-year vocational high school in this part of the world.

It is a school that focuses on building up the work force in Micronesia
rather than preparing its students for further higher education.

FOM's aim is help all Micronesian people gain independence.


Friends Of Micronesia Office
Rengou build. 4th floor
Shimoyamate-Doori 2-13-10
Chuou-Ku Kobe, Hyogo 651-0011, JAPAN

This home page is brought to you by

Chairman of FOM Mr. Yoshihiro Motoyoshi Kobe City, Hyogo JAPAN
Pohnpei Tourist Commission. Information Specialist Ms. Rostina Iriate Fed. States of Micronesia, Pohnpei State.
Panorama International, Inc. Executive Director Mr. Shouichi Tsukamoto Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
The Village Hotel(in Pohnpei) ex Guest Services Manager Mr. Kiyomi Tsukada Kawasaki City, Kanagawa JAPAN
ex J.O.C.V. Volunteer Reseacher Mr. Hiroyuki Saito Anjo City, Aichi JAPAN
J.O.C.V. Volunteer Reseacher Mr. Etsuo Sato Fed. States of Micronesia, Pohnpei State.
a member of FOM Manami Shimazaki P.O.Box 88 Moriguchi, Osaka 570 JAPAN

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