FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE をインストールする


Would you like to configure any Ethernet or SLIP/PPP network devices?


Will this machine be a leaf node(e.g. will not forward packets)between interface?

Do you want to grant only normal users FTP access to this host(e.g. no anonymous FTP connections)?
[No] わかりずらいけどanonymous FTPをするならNOを選ぶ


Do you want to configure this machine as an NFS server?


Do you want to configure this machine as an NFS client?


Do you want to select a default security profile for this host (select No for "medium" security)?

Would you like to customize your system console settings? 101キーボードなので変更なし


Would you like to set this machine's time zone now?
[Yes]を選択後Select local or UTC clockで[No]、Time ZoneをAsiaからJapanを選ぶ。JSTを設定。


Would you like to enable Linux binary compatibility?


Does this system have a non-USB mouse attached to it?
[Yes]選択後 2 Enable で動作テストする。私のマシンはPS2マウスです。


The FreeBSD package collection・・・Would you like to browse the collection now?
[No] パッケージのインストールもあとでやりましょう。