AKIKAWA Bording Hightscool 15th HP

Renewal : 1998/07/07

Information :

=It renewed a "Sta jumper of all graduates" (98/7/07)
=It renewed a "The newest photo gallery" (98/6/28)
=It renewed a "AKIKAWA high school Poster"(98/6/28)
=It renewed a "AKIGAWA changed" (98/5/4)
="Mr. Nakamura teacher" (hoehoe) came back to AKIKAWA as a guard.
=A swimming pool is opened up in AKIKAWA high school during summer vacation period (98/7/21-8/31).
Go for right or wrong play.

Let you hear an opinion / an impression.
A producer : Takeshi Nakamura (15th) E-mail : takeshi-n@amy.hi-ho.ne.jp

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