What is worried

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    lambretta SX200

    lambretta -- It is heard -- although it thinks that it is the language which is not, Italy produced before from now on in about 20 to 30 years is the scooter of "inochenti" Co.

    Although it was the company to the extent that Vespa Co. which still remains, and the scooter carried out market share argument at the time, it is not now. It seems that little production is carried out after that in India Spain and now.

    A model called SX200 is 200 cc 2 cycle engine (mixed oil supply) loading, and has equipped the front wheel with the damper and the disk brake with mechanical [ built-in ]. I think that horsepower was about 11 pses.

    As for the gear, the left grip is that it is shifted by the return formula of about 4 speeds. Although it seems that it is imported by Japan and sold to it, the "rabbit" of the Fuji jyu-ko sells in Japan, and it is better.

    If it says where is good, 8s type is very smart. Although it wants, since the used sale prices are 80-1,000,000, a hand does not come out easily.

    If the direction which wants to check a form is searched with Yahoo! of USA by the reference key of "LAMBRETTA", I will think that a photograph can be seen.


    If a picture is clicked, although it is dirty, points [ several ] swatch picture comes out.

    Do swatch and a design become seeing a beautiful thing involuntarily wanting? a price is also cheap -- carrying out -- also being in fashion -- since it finished, it is easy to buy it

    The new work which comes out recently has many things of the touch which differs from liking just for a moment, and has one needed very well by the model of years [ several ] ago.

    Plastic model

    plastic model is good as a child -- come out, make well and run -- it was carrying out breaking Remembering even now is the racing car with a motor of 400 yen a "shadow." a category -- what -- probably it is --. being green -- the overhang of rear-- firmly piece carrying out-- it was smart Didn't it do as fighting by 1 / 35 remote-control tank of Tamiya, or a child? Doesn't it produce any longer now?

    Motor rized also had familier and the hovercraft of FF operation, the vehicle both for land and water, the snowmobile, and the unique thing of motor rized. In constructs only, the product which does not move directly was also in inside. . By having the street car of N gauge plastic models, "high Lux" of 4WDs by which deff and a board spring (it is plastic) suspention It has cornering are also made perfectly in order, and the stick that moves into a leg, when saying so, although the leg itself did not move, it moves forward and backward and the stick had also said in "Mazinger Z" which kicks and walks the ground (advance ?.).

    Having made and having been pleased, when young is plastic models of "super jetter" which will carry out direction conversion if a wall is collided with. the uncle of the neighborhood after having made one and having done ? destruction of a usual practice -- why -- having given --. It plays enough, after all, again, although it broke (smile), those days [ "super jetter" ], it is considerably in fashion, and it is a better seed. In a song, it is - says better at the speed of - Mach 15. was it so quick that it fainted (smile)? by apliesing color becoming troublesome, recently, it is bought by wanting, and although it is the receding plastic model, 1/12 of Tamiya which were not able to be bought even if it becomes recently and he wanted to buy it as Porsche 935, fair lady Z of safari specification, F1 series of Ferrari, or a child does not have a space, and gets angry If [ (^_^; ] it makes and an umbrella is not reduced

    But are this size and making serious?

    RC166 and MV AGUSTA of PROTER, and interior design -- being good --. 900S of DUCATI-- something is also smart


    it is good to see a picture -- coming out -- rarely -- an art museum -- going out -- seeing -- For Koba, it is the "Pompidou center exhibition" of Paris currently held in the Tokyo modern art museum that it was the hit in recently. Since the Pompidou center was remodeling, as it was lent out, Picasso's "ballet" comes, and it is better. Although this was the curtain of a theater and it was very huge, I did not think that it saw in Japan.

    A huge picture is the degree which considers how it wrote, seeing. Although it purchased and had the poster of this picture in the Ponpidu center in fact, since thing was not seen, the size of thing did not know it, either. It was impression at last at the time of object able to see.

    As for the high quality picture having come, Ueno has many pictures with which real touch is drawn thoroughly in thing [ "Tait collection exhibition" ] British currently held in the Tokyo art museum. The color of thing of "yuri, yuri, and a rose" was very beautiful, and the atmosphere which carried out the ӂ rate was beautiful. It seems that it is held till around the end of three in Tokyo for 98 years, and is exhibited after that in Kobe.

    It goes to the art museum in Japan and that many men are looking at the big picture extremely in near considers. It is wonderful in whether atmosphere and the whole picture are known by that. Although a feeling to see in near is also known, the direction to say and which was passed and left thinks that it is at the wonderfulness as one picture being transmitted.