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    It roughly divides into chassis, there are three, and there are 1/12F1, a long wheel base (C car, IMSA car) of 1/24, and 1 / 24 short wheel base (passenger car type).

    Since it is not detailed about 1/12F1, it is allowed to omit.
    24 [ 1/] chassis is the structure which was very well elaborate, and stubilizer is also attached to the part with the gear box part connected with the spring by ball connection in the chassis first half of ABS resin.
    A front has suspention by the spring and has rear is gear deff.
    Although adjustments, such as toe in toe out, are possible for long wheel base chassis and a short type is a fixed formula, a wheel base can regulate to two stages here.

    As for the motor, 180 motors are carried as standard, a battery uses 270mA type, and a tire is a sponge tire.


    ʐ^: ʐ^:

    Long wheel base chassis are Porsche 962, a Lancia LC2-C car, BMW-GTP, and FORD Mastang-GTP.
    The Countuch 5000, the Testalossa, and Porsche 961 had the short wheel base chassis.
    In short type, Porsche 961 serves as the short wheel base further.

    although a difficult situation obtains the body of Porsche 962C of a long wheel base since it is a plastic model and FROM and A, and 962C of Yoest were put on the market before -- . regarded as . Mold which may go into a hand if there are Present and stock having been together -- however The hole for antennas needs to be vacated.
    . to which Porsche 961 was also sold with the plastic model -- both -- connection parts to chassis Needed


    Since 180 motors are used, it is tolerably quick if it is the interior of a room.

    Although it is quite quick in the characteristic of 24 [ 1/] car, since a wheel base is long, the direction of C car is mild touch relatively.

    Since more [ a wheel base is short and / the center of gravity ] a front [ car / C ], the direction of passenger car type chassis is quite quick. It becomes quick more at the time of 961 body loading of a short wheel base.

    Since the motion is regulated on both sides of O ring among the ball connection part which has mounted the gear box part, this is removed, and the direction of a passenger car type can change the characteristic.


    To the others of bearing
    The tires for slot racing (an orange, blue, black, etc.)
    The heat sink of aluminum made from the phoenix which attaches instead of the pipe of a gear box and cools a motor
    A front, the spring of rear, a front, the shaft that changes foil fixation of rear into a lock nut from E ring (seemingly, a front will tend to break, since it is thin)
    The Ball deff kit made from paranoia
    There was a kit which enables toe in toe out adjustment of the front of short wheel base chassis.