"Tamiya Tamtech"

1/24 RC

    The cause of purchase

    at the time of 1 / 24RC junior high school, or a high school, the friend has the thing of ABC hobby, and does and is interesting of "house -- it was the worried existence after being called -"

    Years [ several ] before having done 1/10RC, going to a circuit also becomes troublesome and a close-up of 1/24RC made in a familiar place was taken greatly.

    When the "Tamm tech" hears that it becomes a production stop years [ several ] ago, if you do not buy it now, it would be cut by the bad (smile) impulse and the cause will have bought it.

    The feature

    1/24RC is small, and it is not troubled by the run place, and is not troubled by the storage place, but although the product sang and it was the complaint that he can be enjoyed easily, there is also a difficulty in practice and Tamiya was withdrawn. Although the details are mentioned later, can he be enjoyed if it is conquerable?


    With a standard
    - AM ProPo
    - the product made from Sanwa, or the product made from Futaba -- mini -- business -- the thing of amplifier receiver one -- mini Servo
    - 130or180 motor
    - An about 270mA battery
    - Body
    I think that there are many things of Composition.

    Incidentally, the thing of amplifier receiver one made from Futaba (the thing of the Tamm tech appending is also a product made from Futaba) also had the talk that it could correspond to FM Propo using the crystal for FM. (him -- unidentified)

    As upper work
    - FM ProPo
    - FM small receiver - small quantity cycle amplifier (KEYENCE make etc.)
    - Highly efficient mini Servo
    と -- the composition to say can also be taken

    A tire becomes rubber or sponge and can divert the orange tire for slots, the tire for mini 4 wheele drive, etc.

    Although bearing is also put in by the axial receptacle, there is no dramatic change of 1 / 10 car like. (-- putting in --)

    The product which can be purchased now 98. 3.9 Present

    Product made from ABC "the pocket racer DTM" It is the composition near a game with the chassis made from glass fiber. 180 motor loading by 130 motor appending is possible. A battery is 270mA. The product (about 10,000 yen) of a carbon chassis conversion has come from NIKKO 5E.

    Tamiya "Tamm tech" (stocks) There were 3 kinds of chassis made from ABS resin of 1/12F1, and 1 / 1/24 box of 24C car vehicle. 1/24 is 180 motor appending. A battery is 270mA (1/24).

    Product made from Kawada "trip mate" With the chassis made from glass mixing resin, a wheel base and a tread can put the body of plastic model without driling holl by variable surely. It is 130 motor appending. A battery is 110mA.

    180 motors and 270mA battery can be carried and the conversion chassis used as a rear T bar has also come out of Kawada.

    Run place

    If it is the ordinary carpet not gripped if it is on which will not be since a road surface is not a plane if it is on general asphalt, and an indoor flooring, in past [ merit ] etc., the hair average will choose a run place place unexpectedly. It will become a tatami, if a punch carpet is the best and it may also hurt indoors (since it hurts considerably, a tatami is booing from a family arms carry out). .) A punch carpet is since a unit price is very cheap. I also think that I will purchase now.
    It seems that there were many men who have done on the concrete road surface when it was the outdoors.

    - The circuit only for RC CLUBs
    The product "the circuit only for RC CLUBs" 1 / for 24"RC CLUB" of RC was put on the market from Mrui in June, 98.
    This, It is . it is that from which solid parts, such as the high grip vinyl sheet used as a course and Pailon, became the set, and price is [ . ] the thing of \7,800-. At the time of the maximum of a course, the size of の For a 800x2500mm thing, at 2500x1600mm, a vinyl sheet is the form where the 2 said package is carried out and this is combined. I think that the size at the time of . packing to use is a size which can be kept in somewhere in houses since it is set to about 800x400x100mm.
    Now, although it is a feeling of use . gripped very well [ it is very congenial and ] with the rubber tire of trip mate of Kawada . which can run pleasantly with ほん indoors if Pailon etc. is stood and a course is made -- beginning -- since a vinyl sheet shifts from Floor and it cannot use Although considered . on which gets used well with Floor and it is hard to slide with the quality of the material on which it is hard to slide heavily thinly -- again processing with a special course side (table) it carries out -- rubber -- since . Pailon which a car grips well can also run aground, and cannot run, it does not need to come by Quality touch and a car does not need to be damaged -- good . If it is sponge tires, such as the Tamm tech probably, it is good to change into the rubber tire for trip mate since it comes to be alike a grip so so -- . However, it grips so that it does not become a comparison in the floor of a flooring, even when it remains as it is.
    Although written only as for this product and RC CLUBs, he can be enough enjoyed as 1/an object for 24RC.
    It waits and is better!! と -- . which is touch called the product which is said, also by motorbike of a real vehicle, although that was right There are few makers at racer replica makes made to run and the time. It is touch that he cannot be enjoyed. Since it was serious to have prepared the environment where 1/24RC can actually also enjoy performance, this product also continues being made from now on. Although it will Weariness bored shortly after making it run, without [ which is regarded as good ] carrying out .R / C regulation if it is made to run in a circuit -- being difficult -- a pleasant thing -- it is -- a friend something and Leh The way of an arrangement will be opened if is carried out.
    Although a price is stretched, I am with the balance which sells with development cost, and think kana such a place just for a moment.


    It is quick relatively. Drift ドリドリ can be carried out if it is on a flooring.

    Since [ small ] comparatively high power, it is rather pleasant. Is [ beginners ] it hard first just for a moment? Therefore, the latest product may be making the motor of not 180 but 130 types into a standard.

    Since the single 4 type battery is used, power may come also out of the flooring on which it is easy to slide, so so, and the mini of 1/24 recently put on the market by the Tokyo Marui and S800 may be able to be enjoyed very well.

    The product owned

    Tamiya "Tamm tech" long wheel base Porsche 962andBMW- -- Lancia LC2 [ GTP, FORD mastang-GTP, and ] body (1/24)

    Tamiya Tamtech short wheel base countuch Porsche 961 and tastarossa body (1/24)

    The Porsche RS body made from Kawada "trip mate" Fujimi

    Fujimi "SYSTEM RS" third Toyota MCS87C C car body

    Extra Tokyo Marui "40 PRO" (1/40) F40 body