"Trip mate"

Trip mate

    Product introduction

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    2 division is carried out by the product made from resin in order, a connection part is made to expand and contract, and the wheel base variable which is the big feature of this product is possible for chassis.
    A front carries out variable [ of the front wheel support part ] by making an attachment position slide too, and the tread has variable structure by the spacer with rear shaft exchange.
    fronts are a spring and rear T bar specification, and suspension is boiled rear and has gear deff
    toe in toe out can also be regulated.

    As for the motor, 130 motors are carried as standard, a battery uses 110mA type of exclusive use, and the standard of tire is a rubber tire.

    In order to attach attachment of a body in the ball part of chassis with the receptacle stuck on the reverse-side side of a body, it does not make a hole in a body and is O.K.
    In order to protect the body made from a plastic, it has the bumper of spring combined use.



    Although the body of the plastic model 1 / for 24 can be carried, for a certain reason, overhang of rear considers cautions of the neighborhood, and a check of width as it being better to be carried out very well.
    I have put Porsche RS of Fujimi now.
    There is also a feeling of wanting putting olds', such as Ferrari 250GTO and a jaguar E type.


    since it was the Porsche RS body, although it was made to run a tatami top in the state where a front calls it a nalow tread and rear calls it a wide tread with a short wheel base -- the rubber tire of kit appending -- very well -- gripping -- although handle is quick in a short wheel base -- rear straddles -- neutral -- I was pleasant to have felt, and to have come out and manipulated

    Although motors are also 130 types, it is fully quick indoors.

    Handle also changes with a body and I think that it is a pleasant model.


    Bearing, a sponge tire tire, foil of silver, spring of a front Shaft which changes foil fixation of a front into a lock nut from E ring Conversion kit which 180 motor loading is possible, forms rear susupension into ball connection, and also considers a battery as 270mA loading It has come out of Kawada.