Product introduction

    pjoto photo

    The rear is thin the middle by the product made from glass fiber with black chassis, and the gear box is attached in the point.
    susupension is carrying out structure which the front has the arm made from spring & resin, and aimed at a Canver variable. Rear glass fiber carries out and Ȃ is used.
    rear -- being alike -- a motion is not so good although it has gear deff In the store, it had recommended exchanging for the thing of the Tamm tech.
    180 motors carry a motor as standard a battery 270mA distribution type of exclusive use -- using it -- a tire -- a sponge tire -- it is -- rear -- it is thick large size
    Attachment of a body makes a hole in the side of a body, and inserts in and fixes it to the projection thing of chassis. velvet cross is also used together.
    The impression that a parenthesis was overall very much good was received.
    It is the direction of C series that roughly divide into a product, group A series and group C series are in it, and I am introducing.



    It is third Toyota MCS87C of the large-sized wing of resin at the poly body.

    Incidentally, since the sticker was the same water decal as a plastic model, finally it blew and finished crear.


    A distribution battery is used, since it is a body with width, a weight thing is carried in a low place and the center of gravity is suppressed low.
    Since a body is also light, the motion like a racer is shown. A rear tire is the feeling of a run stabilized for thick and large size.

    A motor is quite quick because of 180 types.


    The size of the pure color made from a plastic is measured, and flange type bearing is purchased and carried by the bearing store.
    The size shaved some difference foil a little at the time of attachment.
    About an option part, it is unknown in what had come out.
    a trouble is carried out what, when a rear tire becomes decreases -- or --. Per tire of mini 4 wheel drive is used.