GB400TT improvement

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  • Tire
  • Rear suspension
  • Front suspension
  • Brake
  • Wheel
  • Carburetor
  • Engine
  • Oil Cooler
  • Exhaust System "NEW"
  • An electric system
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    • <Ignition system> Top


      The cause which began to tamper with an ignition system was Miss Fire under run. Although Miss Fireing by contact of a main switch being poor by subsequent investigation mostly came out and a certain thing was understood Since the hand has been attached at once, it does to coil exchange. It seems that however, there is a case where it Miss Fires from the badness of the combustion situation after an engine brake, even now.

      The ignition code and the ignition coil which were considered to have deteriorated considerably were first exchanged by the run distance unknown as a starter. Since [ many / recently ] it is soldered, a code and a coil are individually unexchangeable. (If unreasonableness of the case divides etc. is carried out, it is possible.) In practice, it did later (smile).

      It is the ignition code which is letting several 10,000v pass although there was no change to the extent that an effect can be felt. It uses for a long period of time, and I am continuing, and think it a clear thing to have oxidized. ((In order to maintain the performance of engine, there is also a shop which recommends 10000km exchange) It seems)

      Next, in public, it is splitfire ignition plug (the impression with which XLR250R may be equipped before was received) of the pros and cons. It equipped with the code. Since a code is thick and solder attachment of the pure code is carried out A little point of an ignition coil case was broken, and the direct file of the pure code was removed, processed and carried out forcibly.

      One explosion was become sensitive, although it thought whether a difference would be intelligible, since it was the single cylinder.

      Next, the ignition coil was exchanged for the thing of DYNA. (Since the case of a pure coil was processed before, it had equipped forcibly and there was also uneasiness from which a code separates)

      This coil and since there is no suitable wearing place, it was overwhelmingly large and the screw hole for Cowl Stays for MarkII was in the down tube by comparing that it is pure at GB400, although it worried It equipped there using the aluminum pipe of the bank sensor for NSR88 which suited at hand, the screw for GB400 handle weight wearing, and stainless general-purpose Stay.,

      Wiring is extended using a general-purpose terminal and a general-purpose line. By the result which it equipped and carried out the comparison trial ride by pure coil & code and DYNA coil &spritfire code wearing in the same Japanese same place The result which it becomes pleasant that one explosion becomes strong and the direction of DYNA coil opens an accelerator clearly was brought.

      however, a pure coil -- an ohm -- since a number is different, if it merely equips, the tachometer which has gathered the pulse from the same place will hang up Resistance was put in and solved to wiring of a tachometer at this.

      Probably, also in free, as a demerit, the life of spritfire plug to which the life is said are short will become short much more. Back, the time which is turning the cell became long until the engine was started in starting of engine, when it was a cell. (From the difference in capacity to ? [ Ohm of an ignition coil since a number is different. or ])

      When caught in rain at the time of DYNA coil wearing, it leaks and ignition stopped being stabilized. It was. At the time of wearing, I consider that it is better to use mind also for the measure against leak.

      then, it is unsteady to ignition in a low rotation region, the motorbike store is told that It is and an arrangement of low rotation do not come out, and a coil and a code are returned -- it equipped with "IRIDIUM IX" of the "DP8EVX-9" plug of NGK, "IRIDIUM POWER IX24B" of DENSO, and NGK

      the inside of this -- the iridium plug of Denso -- the number of rotations at the time of an idling -- most -- uphill idling . which did not feel physical feeling a-like difference when it ran, although stabilized -- being [ (^_^; ] insensibly

      Ignition time is brought forward by exchanging CDIs by the back ignition system, and a torque rise is mainly aimed at by low Inside rotation. Since it is written to the page of . Sun par made, and Mr. Matsumoto's page in detail, please refer to.

      . which obtained the mail . which is doing wearing of the ignition coil which the ignition coil of " "CRM250AR" strengthened for the measure against thin combustion" from the direction of GB riding of Kawagoe, and ordered and equipped with the ignition coil of CRM250AR in October, 99 Price was \3,000-.
      By the type out of which the iron heart has come to both sides somewhat more greatly than Normal, a coil is the middle form of "Super Thunder" of "DYNA" and OMC.
      Since one side is Terminal, a point of contact needs to create the conversion cable changed into a common type.
      Wearing stuck hard sponge on the coil, and a coil and Stay were bound tight and fixed with the Union band.
      the time of DYNA wearing -- the ohm of a coil --, although the number is greatly different and influence appeared in the tachometer This coil is a measurement value with a tester. . which is 0.5-0.6ohm, and did not become precocious since the motion of a tachometer actually became amusing also at the time of wearing, in the trial ride after exchange, although the feeling of a beat etc. did not have change Since it was partial, when an accelerator was opened by the escape from a corner etc., it became the touch which comes out before before.

      CRM250AR Spark Coil CRM250AR Spark Coil

      As [ be / reputable / the hot wire of Norogy / although it was not used ]

      <Tire> Top


      Although it is equipped with TT700GP! which deteriorated and which now is not sold and a tire is too severe When thinking that there was no size no mutch with which it equips by the high grip type, since nostalgic TT100GP was reproduced, it equipped.

      The characteristic is a favorite tire in itself in touch that it is displeased, carry out a bank suddenly for the conclusion form, and the angle of a bank is fixed in a fixed place. Instead, since GB is high a little, as for a cutback, the center of gravity attaches vigor (smile). Since temperature dependence of the GP contest pound currently used this time is seldom likely to be carried out It feels easy also about a cold day so that it may not fall over like [ former ] in winter!?


      summer of 99 -- the front 90 of TT900GP, and 90-18 -- rear -- . (in order that there may not be rear 110 and size of 90-18 in lineup) equipped with 120 and 80-18 Although True thinks that the rim of Rear has a good one size top wooden-clogs method the tire store -- talking -- "this tire being OK also by this rim, since it is easy to come out of a form" since --.
      Since back height fell compared with TT100GP, last load decreases in the circumference of the leg regulated by TT100GP, and it is unsteady in a high-speed region. Since it came out, although it is gentler than TT100GP as . characteristic which applied the back initial and coped with it tire of touch that a corner is favorite biting -- even when quite good . life is shorter, it is the tire of recommendation to the man who wants to give [ man ] up a mountain and to run
      <Rear suspension> Top


      Although weight is about 55kg (that time of 98 (smile)), if I am my weight, I will jump anyhow whether there is too a thing with a weak damper, a thing with a hard spring, or little rebound with sufficient rear . (Although it decomposed and the back swing arm was Found after that, since the motion of a swing arm was bad and it had bounded, it carried out) Although there are a product made from wp and a product made from DYNAMIC if it is a high suspension, a hand does not reach the body with the household. When it called at the motorbike article store, GB400 / the Suspension for 500 "HGS-330" made from KYB stopped at the eye.

      A spring initial is unapproved story adjustment, as for this, dumping of growth can regulate it to four steps, and a price is also the gas shock of \36,000. I want to have seen having equipped GB400TTMarkII only at once and to surely have come to equip. There are a product made from HEIGON, and other KONI (for SR400) and the other object for DAYTONA (SR400) in the handy thing of price.

      after all -- 2 months -- pocket money -- the paddle was accumulated and purchased (moved to tears (smile)) Compared with Normal which used plating abundantly, appearance serves as the damper part of silver paint, and becomes the spring of a cancer meta-color with touch simple a little.

      Although wearing is easy because of 2 suspensions, since free length is longer than Normal a little The direction exchanged after applying a center stand and removing a normal suspension with two is made comfortably.

      After wearing, although a normal suspension and the length of 1G were united, the initial suited in the state where it does not apply at all. (The initial is applied 5mm after FCR wearing) The present damper is used by "2" and "3." It seems that it is restless at a high-speed corner when I will ride, if it is "2."
      Since free length has a long direction made from KYB a little, rebound length longer than Normal is taken.

      That a motion of a suspension is good and bounding of the touch which ran, probably because long rebound is taken are lost, and it is touch that dumping is also effective and turned into the touch which became brave gently on the whole.
      When a demerit is a new article tire where a center stand is applied since free length is long, it is that a tire contacts the ground and cannot free turns.

      Then, after performing decomposition cleaning of machining of a front suspension, and pibotof a back suspension, it became the arrangement of initial 7mm damper"1" with the same tire.

      The thing with the balance bad although this suspension was used in about two years, before processing it with a suspension, or me who have grown fat 3kg As [ sink / too much / Rear Suspension / since bad one and the set spring rate is low, if it becomes a high-speed region ] Even if it changes how to ride, it is whether it is suitable for neither the direction of . standard-lives pile which riots of the circumference of a front suspension ceases (it is how to ride [ although it had also generated at the high-speed corner at the beginning of wearing ], it is coped with, and is better ) to be settled, and is returned normally now, nor the man who flies.

      "MassimoKYB" suspension of better Mr. producing entered the base in KYB suspension.
      A spring is remade by experience of Mr. better to KYB suspension.
      From the first, since it was easy to depend road surface flattery nature pure, it became good Suspension carried out firmly gently. Unlike Normal KYB, an accelerator can be opened also at a corner.
      however, reinforcement of a front suspension is indispensable -- if it remains as it is, the front suspension would riot and it will tamper with a front suspension
      "MassimoKYB" color also changed and it became quite sporty.

      The back suspension of XBR for export500 is . (the direction of 500S has no reservoir tank) which it is with a reservoir tank.
      It is said that however, the direction of an external article is recommendation since . design regarded as a setup of the weight at the time of a design being 75kg is also old.

      2001, 11/24. Since the motion of the damper of used "MassimoKYB" Rear Suspension became bad, it purchased and equipped with used OHLINS.
      Although interference with a chain case was anxious, since it was clearable at the last moment, there was no necessity for machining.
      It seems that only yellow Suspension floats and appearance does not fit dark-blue x silver.
      Although it real-ran after measuring a size etc., it moved so that the gap of a road surface might be licked, thanks to the good damper of a dual rate + motion, and became the smooth feeling of a run.
      However, a 1 tempo delay image is not suited by the touch which does not require Suspension for the position regarded as going into a corner if compelled.
      full to a suspension -- carrying out -- now -- also carrying out -- Mr.Masimo was consulted with, and it changed and ran so that the spring which was being used with KYB damper is made reference, and springs may be exchanged, or it may be processed and GB might be suited
      OHLINS Suspension DYLINS Suspension
      It is the touch which also made spring exchange back overall gently, and it bounded, and felt and carried out also at the Harf Speed corner while there is a gap which will riot if balance [ before and after ] is bad so that the gap of a road surface might also be absorbed well.
      It was the touch with matching [ before and after ] good [ at a high-speed corner ] revolution nature and sufficient. Appearance also becomes simple touch and the settlement came out.
      GB400+DYLINS Suspension

      <Front suspension> Top

      Machining which cuts machining and the normal spring of an orifice and applies an initial with a normal base is carried out.
      I want, as for back, to change a motion into a good state.
      2000 and 11/4 The gold valve of a race tech by which attenuation is effective against a Compression side was incorporated.
      It is also an outer diameter if the sheet pipe and thing unites of GB400 are carried out although the object for 35phi fork was used although it is "GOLD VALVE". A large thing also makes clear the path of a portion which fits into a sheet pipe. as [ become / as a description / since it is not incorporable if it remains as it is, cutting is carried out, and / it ] having made the hole of 8phi in the hole by the side of compression of a sheet pipe by the two piece addition, and "Massimo KYB" back suspension and matching are taken -- as -- The spring was tuned up. As for oil, G15 is specification.
      The tension of "GOLD VALVE" was made into the default value for the streets at the time of shipment. Cautions: Screws are inch screws (^_^;)

      It will become natural touch, if an initial is weakened and the initial of a gold valve is also weakened, since it was stubborn and there was admiration, when incorporated. The front also stopped rioting at the devastated high-speed corner, and matching with back became good.

      In order to improve a motion of a suspension, it may be good to perform the titanium coating processing etc.
      The spring has come from wp as a replacement article. However, it is different, and although it was short a long time ago, the long spring is shipped now and it is heard that talks of not being stabilized unless it becomes and processes it into the stiff touch is an old part number.

      200102/11 It has you process it so that GB can be equipped with the initial adjuster for other-company kinds, and has attached. The color which is regulating the initial of a spring also needs machining for wearing.
      Since the cap of plating became aluminum, atmosphere also changed and it became the sporty impression. It was wide opened from a color manufacture or the initial change work by washer change.
      before Before wearing after After wearing

      2001 and 07/09 It exchanged for the handle of Shanxi.
      The swelling of the fulcrum portion of the clamp part of a handle can come, and obstructive again, although he wanted to pack width to a slight degree Since it carried out, width spreads about 10mm by appearance rather than a pure handle.
      With how on which I ride by becoming the position with a lappet angle sporty by the favor attached 10 degrees Power comes to seldom start a handle and it becomes easy to carry out control of a motorbike. Although those for everybody could not be called since it depended pure and the burden started the waist, it became touch good for shaking at a run.
      It is not a good language loan, and "PIRI PIRI" and vibration are transmitted from a handle as expected. When it goes on a trip, it is possibility [ that that it is as numb / and / will break out ] owner . [ that a hand hangs ]
      Although it was going to attach pure handle weight in fact, the weight of a pure handle is fixed. Since the receptacle side was special, attachment was given up today.
      what has the handle weight of a pure handle long not only a grip end but in a handle -- entering -- it knew -- I saw ? parts list and thought "cheek -" It Honda Mr. puts into practice and is from a handle. It seems that vibration was held down.
      Since back is the motorbike with some sense of incongruity which a caster goes to sleep and shines when a handle is cut deeply, as a Lappetangle sticks too much and shone A Lappet angle may be good at least to a slight degree.

      2002/02/10 The front fork stabilizer was manufactured.

      Rigid shortage of the front fork currently felt from before since the grip went up by having extended rim width It appears notably.
      In GB400 / object for 500TT, although the stabilizer made from "DAYTONA" was put on the market in the '80s present -- a production stop -- becoming -- moreover, the five point assembly formula [ like present ] it is at whose time of the -- not but -- if it does not incorporate well since it was the three point assembly formula with a possibility of regulating a motion of a suspension -- stabilizer of a five point formula assembly Although it wanted Even if it produces, the product of the model which cannot take origin does not have a chance of being put on the market.
      Although the doubtful thing which it thinks whether there is not what [ any ] is likely to suit from other models, and a size is measured with slide calipers in a store was also done It cannot but make from the middle. . . -- making too, although considered (smile)
      Since a base uses the medieval times made from "COERCE" which have appeared on the market most recently and the path of a clamp part does not suit it, it sandwiches the board of aluminum. Fork boots which regulate, lengthen the length of the length of an aluminum board in passing, and are stopped covering the outer tube of a fork It was made to be covered.

      Since It deletes is contained in the main part, the board of the middle of the stabilizer made from "COERCE" will be applied to the portion which the position of a hole deletes, if width on either side is packed. In order to keep, it became what will be started and manufactured on Mr. Masimo idea using the dry carbon material which has rigidity considerably.
      The carbon board was purchased in the "TOGASHI engineering".

      A paper pattern is manufactured, cutting down a soft plastic board, after measuring a size first, and carrying out thing It unites, although it is a manufacture, and it is it a carbon material to origin. It copied and started by Saw. and -- while carrying out thing It unites -- File -- a form -- preparing (the main board having the made direction of a long hand of the curve -- the hole which becomes the-last to some extent free being made (this having started very much as for time), two sheets being created, a main part being attached, and it being completion)
      From the time of GB400TT purchase, it took in several years, could equip with the wanted stabilizer at last, and was done in very much doubtful touch. Steps and atmosphere became that appearance tended to go in Normal amusing. . .

      Although it is only having run the neighborhood, the feeling of wearing is the increase (are also goods stable equipment in literal translation?) of stability at the time of a Breaking. When turning, the touch deeply cut in an inn from former came out. The fork was twisted until now and quiet had come out. The portion was lost and it was understood that it became sharp.

      <Brake> Top


      When I who carried GB400 into Hakone for the first time went and came back to the camellia line two times, since grip was lost by sweet & fade of effectiveness as compared with the present-age (smile) level and the arm was improved, my weak arm was carried out.

      Then, he wants an effective pad!! It is cut by the impulse (since it was satisfied with the old motorbike enough pure [ a replica motorbike ], the pad of an external article is used for the first time), and equipped with the pad of Feroad Co. (smile) by information.

      a result -- biting -- it becomes good very, and it can run now in comfort For a reason after having equipped becomes cold, since the peak is not run, about fade nature, it is unidentified. but this BrakePad from the first -- it may be tolerably excessive when equipping a powerful brake -- coming out -- being peevish --.

      Incidentally, VFR400R (PROARM) (NC24) and size of brake rotor of GB400TT correspond. Theformation of floating is possible. In order to become thin [ 0.5mm ] about the thickness of a disk board and for a hole to also increase, it is painful in capacity.

      By pure appropriation, support was made and it equipped with the disk for night forks.
      since it will lose if it is still an arrangement of a pure fork although effectiveness becomes quite good, it strengthens -- it is required
      A demerit is that handling becomes heavy according to the gyroscope effect of a disk in a high-speed region.
      Geniune Brake

      A direct feeling comes out from . Normal exchanged for the thing of Teflon hose, and it becomes easy to control it, since brake hose is considered to expand from the present-day thing on a mountain path.

      Brake Hose Brake Hose

      The lever is changed so that things, such as NSR250R, may be used, grasped and carried out and can be regulated.
      before GB400 GENUINE PARTS
      after NSR250R GENUINE PARTS

      2002/03/09 It equipped with CP3369 Caliper made from AP Racing.
      AP CP3369 Caliper
      Caliper is a product made from 1987 near the age of GB. Unlike present CP3369, the maker name of color print is not contained. Moreover, there is no dust seal in this Caliper.
      The Caliper support measured thing, wrote the drawing, after making it as an experiment by resin, it cut it down, and it requested the manufacture. the direction which took over the manufacture -- it is bad, if it does not finish smartly, since it makes in inside Such a thing quite good -- feeling -- I had you finish. there is nothing on a drawing -- machining --. . (Smile) Alumite had become cancer meta. (^_^;
      However, he had none of most clearances with a disk board with the measurement error and the error at the time of a trial production (^_^; I am sorry [ had / finish this splendidly / you / I ]. .
      Brake hose is a manufacture in thing It unites using fitting of 45 degrees. As [ my ] was said, the portion of a mesh was covered and it was presupposed that it is black.
      Platinum of FERODO is being deleted and used for a brake pad in effective width of 34mm of a disk board. (The pad for CP3369 has 40mm of effective width.)
      AP support
      It is easy to control and feels easy about the combination with the master of 1/2inch normal. It became the brake which can be slowed down. It seems that the control performance of Platinum pad of FERODO is also good.

      <Wheel> Top

      If aluminum foil (boomerang Comster) of XBR500 for export is used, theformation of a Tube Ress and a rim size rise (F:1.85-18->2.15-18 R:2.15-18-> 2.50-18) can be performed.
      Weight will be felt like having written to the old magazine if for XBR is heavier.
      Although the rim of GB500 for export is F:2.15-18 R:2.50-18, unless it exchanges every hub, it cannot equip by 40 with many four spokes.
      Otherwise, wearing of aluminum rims, such as H type of DID, ET type rim, and RK Excel, is possible.

      Rim of 2002/01/20 Takasago RK Excel It equipped with F:2.15-18 R:3.00-18.
      Since the rim attached to GB250 from the first was borrowed and, as for a front, a rear hub is different as it is After taking into pieces, direct stripes were constructed and carried out by the new article spoke.
      Since arrival was carried out, although taking into pieces had required time, constructing was simply completed rather than it considered. when it watched with - which does not obtain a spoke it constructed by the method of being easy First, it was able to construct, without wavering, when constructing the outside spoke, after constructing the inside spoke. It is common sense. for the time being -- each spoke -- it is the same -- a fastens lump -- temporary -- constructing -- carrying out -- after that -- foil -- motorbike It equipped and deflection and were performed.
      Since not almost all length was swaying, they took only horizontal deflection. (Swaying a little, if composed better.) it repeats which fastened about about 1 hour or was loosened a little and it is an amateur until it comes to be alike so so -- being such -- rubbing -- it changed into the state where it said

      I had the tire store along the national highway of No. 1 of Tsurumi that the arm of tire is good "point one" do tire recombination. It was as rumor polite treatment.
      Although rearranged order, it is grim touch from wearing before.
      Although it is wearing, it interferes in a front at a tire side for the rim which the aluminum fender which was being made into thinness extended to 2.15. A fender is extended here and it copes with it.
      It writes to rear is 3.00 and a chain case interferes in a tire. It is the place where a chain case hits by the grinder here. It dropped.
      Although it is the touch with which it equipped, it will be the run store it is like a motorbike remarkable grim touch of the '80s. Although tampered with appearance by the normal line, the atmosphere of appearance changed.
      EXCEL RIM + GB400TT

      Although it was the feeling of a run, since deployment of a tire spread, stickiness serves as strong touch, and sense of security increased. Although it was unstable on his mind [ which can be come out of and opened ] if high-speed, the sharpness which it had until now hid the shadow.
      By the cause which became thick, a rim serves as the cornering which puts the body into an inn from former. Since it can brandish now It becomes easy to carry out a dynamic run.
      The necessity of changing an arrangement of axle part in order to take out a light feeling, since dull touch is also strong to a response Since the necessity of feeling and raising some dumpings came out, the degree of sticky of damper oil is raised. Since rigid shortage of a front came out, it manufactured and equipped with the front fork stabilizer.

      <Carburetor> Top

      the diaphragm immediately after carrying out engine starting and beginning to run after warms, although it spurted with what km run distance or the diaphragm part & jet needle exchange to which it does not understand and in which my cab has a bad motion of a diaphragm part, and wear and the crack were contained as it carries out and front Owner was probably made into direct cab specification, and the crack of the main part of a cab was also accustomed and the motion under run became good -- sticking -- unsolved

      Although learned and experimented in the hole of the lower part of a diaphragm part which exchanged and had become reserve parts on the example of the Dyno jet of enlarging, by the model of motorbike, the brilliant diaphragm part stopped operating by Negative Compression. It is a fiasco (smile).

      As for the air cleaner, the cab direct attachment type has come from K&N.
      The direction with which it is equipped came and the Kenso co."Bomb kit" received mail. A response becomes linear and obtained the comment of being quite good.
      Then, it equipped with FCR cab which equipped XLR before and was regarded as "React to an accelerator linearly, and a motion be also smooth and don't say it."

      FCR35 phi For XLR/XR250R FCR35phi
      FCR39 phi GB400 / for 500 FCR39phi
      It equipped by air fan flannel specification the beginning.
      it is markedly easy coming to be alike a pickup, and it reacts linearly The feeling of power also improves and it is engine rotation of an inside - quantity rotation region. A rise becomes quite sharp and becomes easy to carry out control. Is a difficulty expensive?
      Then, it equipped with the adapter (7000 yen) for air cleaners, and equipped with the air cleaner.
      An air cleaner removes a pig nose, is a request and is performing Re Setting of a cab.
      Sound can open an accelerator, without wavering to sound also all over a town by touch that a sound peculiar to Normal +FCR can be heard somewhat. It made like.
      It seems that the torque of rotation into Slow - improves although a pickup becomes touch quite milder than fan flannel specification. It is realistic specification when Meintenance etc. is considered.
      If sound and the measure against rainy weather are disregarded and it considers by performance priority at the time of high rotation, I will think whether the type directly attached in the cab of K&N or RAM air is good.
      It seems that TM type cab has come from MIKUNI to others. In the object for XR600, TM41FM and TM41RS (with [ an acceleration pump ]) have come out.

      Then, since there is an adapter for . normal air cleaners which equipped with the power filter of K&N as soon as processed engine, it is a normal cab. The suiting large-sized type was purchased.
      Although the direction of fan flannel can probably employ Performance of a cab efficiently, since dust worries True somehow .. Although it became mild somewhat, it changed into the state where inhalation sound can also be heard to the sound of the range which can be allowed also all over a town from fan flannel.

      <Engine> Top


      . which was in the state where a valve comes out trailingly and gas falls out also at the time of compression when engine is taken into pieces, although he bought the motorbike with medieval times . regarded as there being many things of such a state if it purchases in medieval times, since 1 X years have already also passed What km was really running, since it was Power Only which et al. at the time of a new car or . meter was also returned.

      When making engine in races, parts, such as the piston of GB500 of the piston of ARIAS, JE, and Wiseco, a sleeve, or affiliated sequence engine, Dominator, XR600, and XR650L, Conectingrod, a crank, a cylinder, a cam, a head, and a valve, can be diverted. Since the crank of and present Dominator does not go into the crank case of GB, it needs being [ careful ].

      Since there is a portion which hits a crank case when putting in the crank of XR650 or first stage type Dominator, a crank case needs to be shaven.
      In GB400 and GB500, although it generally becomes exchange from Conecting rod by 400 at the time of piston exchange since the path of a piston pin is different, 480 cc kit for 400 has also come out from the store a "theme." others [ . / which may become degradation of fuel and parts severe since Compression Ratio is set to 12:1 ] -- "theme -- the engine kit of the pure parts appropriation GB400 / for 500 has come from Mr. "

      630(628) cc kit for XR had come from HRC a long time ago (probably, acquisition is difficult at the present production stop.). Piston Parts do not come out of a simple substance now. This was the thing with which a cam, a cylinder, a piston, a valve spring, clutch housing, the air cleaner, primary slowdown gear, the jet, etc. became the set. (Specification of the oil exchange at the time of constructing this kit is every 1600km)
      It seems to be the kit which used HRC development parts, the part of a Dominator system, and its machining article.
      As [ become / difficult / acquisition of a part / a race or / although it seems that the kit of HRC is constructed on XR600 crank and a common target makes it 628 cc / in the world of a race, ]
      At back and the object for XR, they are FCC clutch kit, the Burnet clutch, whitebros Cam, HD valve spring, a hard face Rocca arm, and CARILLO racing contest rod. The aluminum Exhaust strike flange etc. has come from a XR'sONRY big fin cylinder head and riding spot.

      It seems that this neighborhood that tends to break from the first since the burden of the parts of the circumference of a cell increases when a cell is used for 600 etc. cc etc. by souping up and the case where Compression Ratio is raised tends [ further ] to break, and becomes.

      1999/07/10 To serve also as overhaul, compression up is performed on the assumption that a Other types of a bike genuine parts crank, Other types of a bike genuine parts piston inclusion, an inhalation valve expansion, port machining, and high-octane-gasoline fuel use.
      Although the spring for GB500 was put in and strengthened at the time of clutch board exchange, the clutch became heavy for a while.

      2002/05/01 XR600R Cylinder head/XR600R HRC 630kit cam shaft/JE piston Inclusion

      <Oil Cooler> Top

      oil cooler oil cooler

      GB is purchased and equipped with ten steps of 4.5 inch things which had processed the hose, in medieval times.

      <Exhaust system> Top


      Four holes for scuppers are added normally and . form and the volume for which only the feeling is gathering and using efficiency are pleased.

      There is Full Exhaust of the exchange from plating of a super trap, stainless steel, aluminum, and Exhaust Pipe as a replacement article. Although a form will become normally closely and will become smart if the end cap of SST is attached to a plating type, probably, exhaust volume will go up considerably.

      although the man who is using SST end cap is not close -- "-- performance & volume-- how it will be -- "
      -- the sound with . tone quality [ as / whose . volume which obtained comment from Mr. Noguchi of GB riding by mail is a super trap too unlike Normal ] high when it writes -- Call it-- S.T. is cab arrangement necessity, when the number of sheets of . disk which is different is increased

      It is undecided whether since it worries about a single cylinder between volume and a performance at the time of XLR and it has settled in the XR Exhaust + normal silencer, it changes. The normal muffler of XLR was tolerably powerful.

      It seems that a performance is calmly improved from the thing of aluminum since the thing of plating or stainless steel of megaphone form can earn capacity when the thing of the single cylinder of about 400 cc displacement volume is equipped with a super trap.

      Although the pure muffler for XBR500 for export takes out two, for wearing, the attachment position of a side stand thinks that it does not go since GB is different, but bolt-on is a thing to be processed.

      Full Exhaust (taking out one and taking out two 6 kinds, such as the object for races and the object for streets) had come from "IKUZAWA" a long time ago.
      One was taken out from the "Asama manufacture place" to others, and the muffler of Two are taken out had come from "the Yokohama lining."
      The semi-order-made article of Exhaust pipe has come out from ""custom-made Bikes Lennon"" now.

      2002/04/24 The normal expansion room was employed efficiently, and it created and equipped with the genuine reconstruction exhaust pipe which changed the path of exhaust pipeof RS600D into reference. Although under [ Normal ] was lost, it came to turn around high rotation finely in the combination with HRC cam.
      Since there is also an expansion room and a normal muffler can also be used, sound is also the specification which can open an accelerator that there is [ calmly and ] no constraint.

      2002/08/10 It takes out two treasured YOSHIMURA titanium carbon, and it was temporary to GB400 and the muffler was attached in it.
      Since the path of a muffler was thicker than exhaust pipe which carried out single article work, on both sides of that which knit the glass wool, the muffler was fixed to absorbing a path difference in between using the muffler band. Since muffler support would change if it is going to attach muffler support in an aluminum support outside, since it consists of R in order that left-hand side may take out beauty, although it is designed so that right-hand side may consider muffler wearing although left-hand side made the hole in aluminum support under a tandem step and being equipped, the bottom of a tandem step may be constituted in a straight line and it may escape in nuts, the washer needed to be pinched. Lightweight-ization by YOSHIMURA forward-looking-infrared wearing is 1.5kg, and it did not turn into lightweight-ization rather than it considered, since two were taken out.
      There is thicker sound in sound at the time of an idling, and at the time of acceleration, a pipe trembles and a higher sound is mixed. Since it is based on JMCA standard in volume, a city area run is not worried, either.
      Although acceleration will start by the touch which a front floats and becomes feeling if an accelerator is sudden-to open by low rotation now as alignment is meeting 3000-4000rpm since length is tolerably long, the point is touch called acceleration in drops. Convenience is good touch for riding the inside of a town from the genuine reconstruction muffler created with the high rotation type.
      Length is adjusted at the time of the off-season of winter, and it is thought that it will be made the muffler which it is main and is used.

      2002/11/23 OVER muffler wearing.
      The plan - which will carry out muffler change and will play occurred suddenly, changed to genuine reconstruction, and attached OVER muffler (smile). since OVER muffler of weight is 4.34kg the place of 8.32kg of genuine reconstruction 4kg - lightweight it is-izing
      OVER MUFFLER OVER muffler
      HARRIS MUFFLER (Reference) HARRIS muffler
      A little accelerator to open will feel diffident about volume being larger in a city area (^_^;. (he has the cab ton type of SR, and no disk of a super trap -- depending -- completely -- volume -- although it is small (smile)) A tone is the touch similar to HARRIS muffler.
      since the arrangement became thinness on the whole and the direction of a performance issues an arrangement it is the situation to say
      the length of a muffler is also good exactly -- it feels, and it came out and appearance also became quite racer touch

      2003/02/08 MORIWAKI MUFFLER

      2003/09/23 HAND BENDS 2TAIL EXHAUST


      <An electric system> Top

      Although there was especially no shortage in Quantity of light of a light, the wiring of CIBIE which was rolling in the house is put in.

      <Coating> Top

      It is equipped with the plating bolt of a present special edition, a fuse box cover and handle weight, and the sheet. Moreover, former owner is the specification which has given the same paint as a special edition to the tank.

      Although lightweight-ization of the circumference of a leg was aimed at and the aluminum fender was purchased, since the rigidity of the circumference of a front had fallen for all aluminum, it returned normally and stripes were carried out.
      ALUMINIUM FENDER ALUMINIUM FENDERBrooklands aluminum front fender

      Where . object equipped with "Aero viser" of Daytona co. is started, since the wind which hits downward was protected from the breast at high speed, high speed could be run very comfortably.
      Aero viser Aero viser

      The sheet has come from Wellington from an aluminum fender, sheets, and the col bottle.
      The gasoline tank made from FRP and sheet Cowl of an aluminum fender and order-received production have come from the "Brooklands".
      It is pure and an aluminum fender (F/R), meter viser, the tank pad, etc. were put on the market at the beginning of sale.

      2001/12/29 The aluminum fender of a genuine option parts was attached.
      genuine option aluminum fender
      genuine fender genuine option aluminum fender Brooklands aluminum fender
      genuine the time of wearing of a fender / genuine option aluminum fender / aluminum fender made from the Brooklands comparison

      2002/10/26 a carbon chain case -- machining -- it manufactured and equipped
      In the carbon chain case which came to hand, since length is insufficient, a carbon board is purchased. Part with which the size of a normal chain case is measured, a carbon board is cut down, and an insufficient portion is compensated It creates.
      A hole is made with a position It unites drill, cutting down three parts and comparing with a normal chain case. It fixes by the rivet and is completion.
      It is abandonment, although a result differs from the portion of carbon board logging, since a carbon chain case from the first is what was conscious also of appearance by There is a gloss.
      It was 110g when weight was measured. Normal -- 700-800g -- there are likely to be about g
      carbon chain case carbon chain case Carbon chain case

      2002/11/09 It equipped with the drive sprocket cover XR600R.
      in order to drive in the drive sprocket cover for XR600R inside -- GB400 (it fails boldly, a hole (smile) is also made and it is in the hall case -- it attached in-crank case directly) the portion of the hole for the sprocket cover attachment bolts of the clutch lever side -- being bold -- cutting off -- Since the aluminum parts and the sprocket cover of clutch lever still hit, it is also a sprocket cover side. Unless it deletes, it cannot attach. As be / different / by GB and XR / how to attach sprocket It seems that the bolt of a cover and sprocket fixation will contact if it does not attach outside XR.
      XR600R SPROCKET COVER XR600R sprocket cover

      <Others> Top

      the tune of "engine would become good -- tunes felt as -" are a grease rise of an accelerator holder, and oil part supply of a wire too
      Back, if the Teflon sheet of RC is stuck on the portion equivalent to which the accelerator of a handle is, I think that resistance may probably be lost. Since horsepower is considerably lost on the oil piece of a drive chain, if there is "syara syara" sound, the motorbike without the power like GB requires special attention.

      Although Sprocket has come out of AFAM or isa, it is touch called only AFAM substantially. At the time of Driven Sprocket 16T wearing of AFAM, the stopper metallic ornaments of Sprocket for GB400TT.SE are needed.
      It is solid and making . equipped with drive Sprocket 35T in early stages of isa which was carrying out inventory disposal is simple appearance. It is good.
      isa drive sprocket isa drive sprocket

      the object for XBR500 -- if drive sprocket 36T are used, it will be made at a High geard

      The shift touch became good while pouring in "microrone".

      2001/04/01 It equipped with the step NSR250R.
      NSR250R STEP

      Although it becomes that a step becomes the touch which moved before on some, and solid touch and a direct feeling increases, there is also a demerit.
      They are the possibility of the breakage by the rigid shortage at the time of a fall since a step is deleted considerably and it equips with it as a demerit, and the fatigue by vibration and a rubber part. Since exchange of only the thing with early decrease and a rubber part is improper, cost is such a point.
      To it, in wearing, a delete lump and the depth of the insertion side with the step holder of NSR step delete, the field which hits at the time of When a step is bent deletes, and it hits at the time of When a step is bent. A delete lump of a step holder part is required.