GB400TT trouble


    My GB is the different sound generating [ engine ] in the 2nd run "cue" although it purchases in medieval times in July, 96 (manufacture is 85 years). If I have engine opened (it did not waver since the guarantee for 6 months was attached, but it deposited with the motorbike store), a cam and a roca arm will be printed. The tension of cam chain tensioner was weak. The tune of after exchange is good. It seems that there are many troubles of this neighborhood.

    I do not understand in total km run [ what ] for medieval times. Although meter was about 9600km (since it is an auction thing, although it is not trusted at all (smile))

    After having engine taken into pieces, the response of engine got worse shortly. This was the cause with [ of the vacuum piston of a cab ] the crack. ((Since it reconstructed, it surfaced) It seems) It polishes, and although it healed up, it exchanged now. when it will merely place a number of days and a motorbike is moved, it is now immediately after a run -- the motion was bad (The present cab exchange is carried out)

    The different sound of engine recurs after that at summer, and present also remains as it is. (Turning too much.) .)

    <The circumference of the body>

    Since connection was in the circumference of the ball race of a steering, it exchanged.

    Since the motion of rear suspension was bad, the grease rise of the pibot of a swing arm was carried out.

    Although there was the sound ""Gisi-Gisi"", from the circumference of the back of the body immediately after purchase, when a bolt increases and the bundle etc. was performed, sound stopped coming out.

    <An electric system>

    Although engine was improving the stole from immediately after purchase, when a stole was carried out during a run night, the light went out for a moment. It saw and turns out that it is a main system. Since contact of a main switch was visible to the eye and becomes bad after that, it decomposes. When cleaning, the stole decreased considerably.

    The engine stole which has occurred now is a Miss Fire grade after the time of departing and grasping a clutch, and Engine Brake.

    The thing at the time of Engine Brake will be because a combustion state is bad at the time of Engine Breke.


    since the condition that engine carried out a stole had come out when the wheel was turned to the right, the disconnection by crease of a cable was suspected it is -- although -- When this has bad management of a chalk cable and it cuts it on the right, the wire of a chalk cable is caught. it changed into the state where chalk was pulled, the management (so severe that the leather film of a cable was torn coming out) which carried out the stole was changed, and the tape was rolled and solved on the cable

    Purchase months [ 4 months ] after, under a run, and from the circumference of meter to different sound generating It is Grease upiss the cable attachment part of the meter which was Oil less of meter. was carried out and it healed up.

    the needle of meter -- high-speed & quantity rotation -- shaking -- rolling up -- it is --.

    It seems that moreover, the meter of GB tends to become cloudy. When it asked the motorbike store GB riding is in front and who purchased, even if it exchanged, it did not heal up. The talk [ like ] has been heard.


    May, 98 It is, without riding for 2 weeks, the engine is started, and if it starts if compelled and it is going to slow down, a rear brake will not move! (^_^;.

    When pushing strongly, it stopped returning. . When taking into pieces, the fulcrum of a step plate and a brake pedal was rusting and carrying out solidifies arrival.

    Usually, although escaped with, the plastic hammer struck about [ this time ] and it separated from it at last.

    Although the shaft was the structure where grease collected, it was not at the time of grease, either. It polished and was completion in the grease rise.

    It carries out by accident and will be the first grease rise in the 12th year (^_^;