GB400TT introduction

    It is the motorbike of retrospective mood which GB400TT and HONDA took out into replica boom. since it was the motorbike seldom known (Fact -- it is remembered that it seldom carried out rapidly in respect of sale), only by my looking at several sets at the beginning of sale, it hardly saw after that

    however, present one is seen running by the latest retrospective boom

    Although it is a name called GB400TouristTrophy and is formally written as GB400T.T., it is omitting.

    In the single cylinder to which having been shipped used the engine of XR500 as the base in autumn time for 85 years, there is no form of a tank in RC at the time of having run Asama with where, and it resembles it.

    Lineup had GB400TT, GB400TT MarkII of the single sheet to which cowl was attached, and GB500TT of a single sheet.

    Then, various [ of the plating parts ] is carried out at the summer time of 87, the GB400TT special edition used as 2 tone color is added, and it has fallen from the catalog at least two years after.

    As a pure option, there was a grip stuck an aluminum order fender, meter biser, and beside a tank.

    XBR500 is in a brother vehicle and was exported to it. This has the memory to which the caster angle was sleeping a little by comster wheele specification in 2 mufflers, and the output characteristic from the difference in a muffler differs from each other somewhat. The coating was also the modernistic design.

    GB500TT was exported to North America, and also let the fender which whose paint color is different and is characteristic by domestic specification be the thing of an ordinary form it needs

    as an impression of the time of sale, since I was also the replica life at 19 years old those days, it is " -- - -- this old motorbike -- what -- it is -- - -- this unnatural fender -- " etc. -- saying -- better -- ten years after -- a hand -- it is -- (smile)

    Although my motorbike is special edition specification apparently, True has few plating parts at 1 type. A fender plates a special edition. It carries out by having used the thing of plating of screws of meter and the parts of the circumference of a lever by silver and plating multiple use. Since it is different to paint of what and engine, it is also Mr. Honda very well. I thought that けて development was carried out in money and it rubbed. Although the kana for which I will also exchange meter and a fender was thought, since the direction of 1 type was liking, it leaves as it is. The parts included in mind serve as SE specification.

    It is a thing for sending oil to an oil tank that engine has two mesh hose on a crank case by dry sump. This engine may cause printing of a cam etc., if management of oil is not carried out perfectly. (Being the same GB owner. mecanic Mr. speak.) GB of the fact and me was also bought with medieval times, and light printing generated it on the cam and the rocka arm to the 2nd run.

    It seems that a form is RFVC engine of four valves OHC appropriate for square HONDA, and タペット clearance has slight very well feeling width at the usual state of RFVC engine. The circumference of a step etc. is a series of HONDA design.

    It seems that the motorbike which is compatible with parts is GB250CLUBMAN, and common parts are in the circumferences of a front, such as the circumference of a light and a brake.