GB400TT impretion

    <Appearance and equipment>

    As overall raw and a ball, it is the touch like old CB system, and it is the touch from which the drum brake merely became the disk, and is not a style but the straight style of a present-day tail rise.

    A blinker is the point which is spread when designing to this GB and which is pleased by the small product made from aluminum. A front is turned on by the position.

    A tank has the intonation like RC system of the old Asama specification, and I regard it as Ȃ with a very much sufficient parenthesis.

    A handle has a high-class feeling by separeat handle of aluminum. (recently -- separeat handle -- taking -- pipe alder attachment -- interesting, since changing into an upright position is in fashion) an aluminum rim is a portion beautiful to be sure in ET type said that it chose out of intensity by beauty

    Although the fender by which the design of driling hall is considered as the mesh hose of the oil line of engine is the accent, probably, it is just going for this to divide tastes. (Although I disliked ancient times, I do not consider not at all now) (smile)

    Although it is a line round [ on the whole ], RFVC is square and engine is a design.

    Although the horizontal difference of the sheet is carried out, there is no space which enters except a tool and documents.

    A frame is an angle by the front part of engine, and others are the semi double cledor type of a circle pipe.

    a mirror -- the round shape of CB750F and this design -- it is -- this design -- himself -- mind -- entering --

    <The circumference of a leg>

    dust boots are covered with the front with the right holizontal type with the inner tube of 35phi. It does not have a regulation mechanism.

    They are rear and 2 suspensions made from SHOWA (attenuation (number of standards is the 2nd) regulation is nothing) which the initial of a spring can adjust in five stages. A swing arm is an iron angle section.

    which foil is spoke foil which adopted ET type rim, and is using what has a heavier spoke by tuning of the characteristic obtaining -- it is --.

    Front brakes are the single disk which used 2 pot caliper made from NISSIN, and a rear is drum.

    <The circumference of engine>

    It is the dry sump OHC engine of RFVC4 valve. I think that the engine of this form is most seen by XR600.

    Although merit crisp [ somewhat appropriate for a single ] was expected, it is smooth, is smooth and turns well with the good engine of growth. There is also little vibration because of balancer built-in. When it rode for the first time, it turned much, and since it had ridden, mpg was bad (even now (smile), it may be the same.). .)

    Cab's pickup is there [ there ] in the Nsgative press type of 39phi. Individually, although it is easier to be a pickup, he likes the direction. (Since XLR which attached the piston cam of XR and FCR was owned at the purchased time and it had ridden on it, it may be having felt the little of feature too many.)

    It is so light that the rhythm omission of the kick at the time of engine starting is carried out with auto de compression. After breaking in, a kick does not break in to the last by the touch pushed in front, or it is hard to borrow it. a cell -- being attached --

    -- the way of turning which rode on the cam from 5000RPM is adopted with the engine which likes high rotation of the touch which turns and rides from things If avarice is said, does 40PS grade want power?

    The exhaust gas is extracted by one from the right through 2 exharsts to the Chillan bar room. There is in exhaust sound sound appropriate for [ a little / in a slight size ] a single from a present-day motorbike.

    The air cleaner is using the dry-type filter.


    Compared with a 250 cc single, engine feels existence heavily too. Since a head is also heavy as it is, the center of gravity is higher, if it says that this touch is peculiar, it is peculiar, and it is the touch to which hand and foot were attached to engine.

    Since the output and a pickup of engine are also appropriate, since there is also no bad influence to handling and the caster is also sleeping comparatively, it can be called gentle handling. Although the mind as which quick is sufficient just for a moment already carries out, since the center of gravity of engine is high It may be having settled down this neighborhood.

    History quickly put into an inn using the high place of the center of gravity, and a thin tire at the time of corner penetration although it is gentle handling It has.

    Also motion spread when setting up 1G subduction of rear suspention few, in order to carry out revolution in which the pickup of engine was employed efficiently For the level of those days, in my weight, if a road surface is bad, rear will bound, and it is .

    a tire is also thin -- it carries out, and since the width of engine is also narrow, there is nothing as 250 cc class -- an imitation -- since fishing comes by too much exaggerated action, if riding which employed the slim body efficiently is carried out, it will be able to run happily

    In winding road, I am pleasant for the way of fine creases to have ridden.


    It is insufficient when it considers from an early touch on a present-day level to braking power absolutely. When attacking winding road, it becomes fade and the touch got worse.

    <The circumference of operation>

    The circumference of a switch is the result which is not, dissatisfaction in the place called a series of Honda processing.

    Insipid at which a touch will not require since as for the shift a stroke is long and the shift lever has also grown toward back from engine without using the link. Although it is regrettable, since it is not touch called a sport system, let's keep a positive shift in mind.

    especially meter does not have C at a round shape, either, and there is also no failure it is the said touch The needle of meter will shake whether I have been tired up and down by high rotation. Moreover, the day when a tachometer is cold will become cloudy.

    <In pre after improvement>

    They are [ cab ] HGS330 and a pad felode and the in pre after changing a tire into TT100 GP in a FCR39phi+ pure air cleaner and rear suspension. (I am not a tester, either, and even if I run, I am not so quick.) an arrangement -- amateur Please do by yourself, and deduct and read the neighborhood by [ one ]

    Even when a pickup improves and it passes a late car on a highway by having changed the cab, it passes. It can appear in a lane in comfort and the touch which rode on the cam from 5000RPM can be felt now.
    the favor whose linear feeling increased when Acceleration Slowdown at a peak -- controlling -- being easy -- on the way -- case where come out and R of a corner changes -- it becomes easy to escape at an accelerator work
    However, since the slow arrangement has not come out completely, a stole is sometimes well coughed and carried out by warms.
    (An acceleration pump breathes out and it is made the future subject in timing and the slow portion)
    An early standup improves by having exchanged pads, when running a peak, and it slows down in comfort, and is TT100GP. It came to put into the inn at quick using the characteristic and the thin tire. (however, the characteristic of this tire -- good -- I think that there is much direction it is thought that elapses sensitively [ ] all together)
    When the initial of rear is changed into three steps of + attenuation 7mm in order to unite with the characteristic with FCR, although splashes of rear were lost by rear suspension exchange and a gap is overcome, pressure from below may come to the belly.

    In going up, although there is also a painful place since there is no power, the revolution nature at the time of corner penetration is employed efficiently, and it does not fight. In order to enjoy a peak flutteringly, if some GB400TTs put in a hand and the history is employed efficiently, they will become good touch. I thought that it was a motorbike.