The changed motorbike

    CB50JX 6.3PS

    Is it the engine anyhow turned by motorbike got from the relative? The start dash has already had only the full-open start. The brake was the wire formula disk.

    It is type in the second half of MR50. 6PS?

    Pan bread is exhaust sound. Now, probably, the Ministry of Transport will not call O.K. Is this sound the feature? It is the motorbike which knew the pleasure of OFF. It was a great difference although it was the monocross suspencion form that DT50 which came out after that was the same.

    RG125E 16PS

    It is touch peculiar for 2 cycle air-cooling twin. Is sound a sound good by the quality of metal? Probably, the motorbike of such sound will not come out, if domestic from now on. The oil press disk was adopted as the star type cast. The handmade back step for Z400FX of BEET, continental handle, a self- game bar, and TT100GP were attached, and it had ridden.

    RG125E RG125E

    RG250gamma1 type (GJ21A) 45PS (True is ? like 39PS)

    the aluminum (smile) parts handling was [ part ] the best motorbike except court speed -- it is many and is a product made from aluminum to cowl stay The Johoku murakami game bar, a daytona omega handle, a Tadao SP in Taegu game bar, etc. are equipped with it and enjoyed, and it is better.

    Since engine also has the sleeve perfectly, it can be shaven personally. To however, the panel of failing and buying a 2 type piston cylinder . It was high.


    MTX200R 26PS

    Wheelie It falls over is also possible with the good engine with which 1gear advances at a low geard anyhow (smile). The shift pin bent from rigid shortage and 1gear improved the gear omission. TW01S/02s tire of BS is attached, OFF is run about, and it is better.

    a highway -- full open -- running ( -- great speed not coming out at a low geard, even if it says) -- water temperature should attach cancer cancer going-up

    NSR250RG("87) 45PS

    suspension and a sheet are hard and the direct feeling was strong. The weight thing is condensed by the center of the body and gamma is completely power better with the horsepower of the same catalog spec. Before riding very well, he buys 88 models.


    NSR250R2J("88) 45PS (only extract one line 60PS?.)

    geometry is a racer (smile). The kickback from a road surface occurs and the lock to lock also came by after the front load had escaped from the handle. instruction "ridden [ motorbike ] like this" -- even if -- it is an interesting motorbike, and when selling, it is the touch parted with tearfully

    it was after [ purchase ] run 3 day said that it carried into Tsukuba -- severe -- it uses -- although the method was carried out, engine had turned around just by not-knowing 6gear whenever [ engine foil ], and were uncanny until it sold off nine years after -- coming out -- being peevish --. It seems that it put [ that this motorbike oil is / the higher one / good ] in the thing.


    XLR250RH 28PS

    I understand that he wants the long off-motorbike of the long distance with sufficient mpg, and it purchases instead of MTX.

    Although it was mild engine, there is a cab of a compulsive opening-and-closing formula with [ of a throttle ] tension by the resumption after accelerator return, and secret was needed only there.

    The circumference of a leg is also good and a path through a wood, motocross, etc. were enjoyed. Its in by winding road very much quickly, and it plays, or ON is also carried out, and it is better.

    the time of power shortage of the cause changed from two strikes and engine being worrisome, attaching a hand to XR piston / cam / exharst pipe, FCR (wide opened, since an example sticks), a muffler, air cleaner machining, etc., and raising to a friend -- very well -- being quick -- becoming -- better As for a single cylinder, taking into pieces is easy, and it is good.

    in addition, the pure parts with which the Wren ape handle, a step, a mirror, XR sheet (XR pure parts -- a sheet outer skin -- also seeing -- indicated by the parts list), a lever, earl's hose, a reinforcement chain, sprocket, etc. broke were exchanged for the external article May various any popular type-of-a-car parts be? (There is completely no GB -)

    When are incidentally exchanged for XR piston and it makes a round of visits by a fine vibration coming out to a high-speed way run, it becomes easy to get tired. It was the moment to which it has assented with "therefore it being compression dropping in XLR."