Micronesian stamps

Micronesian stamps

Beautifully designed Micronesian stamps

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  1. pats's stamp PATS commemorative stamps (5)
    PATS's page Ponape Agriculture and Trade School

  2. micronesian flowers Micronesian flowers (4)

  3. micronesian holly night Christmas stamps (9)

  4. whale at kill English whale ship (1)

  5. Paul Jacoulet UKIYOE Paul Jacoulet Ukiyoe print (7)
    Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960)

  6. Native fis of Micronesia Native fish of Micronesia (25)

  7. Native costumes of Micronesia Micronesian Costumes (4)

  8. Native canoe of Micronesia Micronesian Canoe (4)

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