(From a commemorative booklet of 25th anniversary of PATS 1990)

For all that has happened
For all that is happening
For the hope that we have in the future

photo:Students and Staff pray in gratitude at the grave of Fr. Costigan.

photo:Cuthbert Yiftheg (PATS '79) the first PATS graduate to be ordained to the Priesthood continues to build community on Yap.

photo:Rosendo Patricio continues the family tradition of service to PATS. Rosendo and his brother Robert have transported almost all of the PATS passengers and supplies by boat and by truck for over twenty-rive years.

photo:Marlyter Silbanuz (PATS :86) one of our few women graduates hopes to teach at PATS after finishing her studies in Agriculture at the University of the South Pacific in Western Samoa. She is a local Tamworohi girl.

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