People From The Team

People From The Team

(From a commemorative booklet of 25th anniversary of PATS 1990)

  1. From The Society of Jesus in New York
  2. Micronesian Leaders
  3. Foundations
  4. Co-workers From The States
  5. From Japan
Since we have put the accent on teamwork through the first twenty- five years of PATS, it is probably not best to single out individuals who were part of the story . . . . But we are going to mention a few from the many groups that have worked together, with the hope that you will recognize that in picking out these individuals we are also remembering the tremendous part that you have played with them in the building of PATS and the development of Micronesia . . . . and of the hopes that we have for the future because of you.

From The Society of Jesus in New York

photo:Rev. William T. Wood, S.J.
Director of Overseas Apostolate New York Province

The strongest support that each Director ever had-the Jesuit who was always there, even before he knew how much you needed him- always ready to do anything that had to be done-always looking for the next dollar that PATS needed: Rev. William T. Wood, SJ., Director of Overseas Apostolate, New York Province.

Micronesian Leaders

photo:Andon Amaraich, of Truk

PATS has always been greatly supported by Micronesian leaders, but none has been more dedicated to the development of PATS than the soft-spoken but powerful-in-spirit former Congressman, Chairman of the Status Delegation deliberations, and presently Secretary of External Affairs, FSM, Andon Amaraich, of Truk. Andon has served as the Chairman of the Board with all three Directors of PATS. Despite the heavy workload that comes with being one of the founding fathers of the Federated States of Micronesia, he has always been ready to help PATS.


When PATS thinks or speaks about support from partners from among the many foundations that have helped us through the years-the first among many is the German Bishops' foundation called MISEREOR. It is dedicated to Human and Community Develop- ment. Much of what you can see at PATS has been built with Misereor money. But also, much of what is hidden in the hearts and lies of PATS students has been inspired by the care that Misereor has for the growth of people here in Micronesia.

Co-workers From The States

There are so many! But if you had to look to the East Coast you would have to pick George Peabody and his wonderful wife, Barbara. They started the movement toward our Stateside office at PEACE which has been the hub of activity for PATS in the States. On the West Coast-it would have to be the man who calls himself the "Chief Scavenger for PATS", Bill Hughes of Los Angeles.

From Japan

Yoshihiro Motoyoshi of Kobe City has almost single-handedly founded the Friends of Micronesia, a strong arm of support for PATS in Japan. He also keeps us in touch with many Japanese companies that have helped PATS from its earliest days. He also seems to be able to find just about anything that we need in Japan, even when no one else can find it.

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