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  1. ・ ミクロネシア連邦大統領(当時)
  2. ・ コスラエ州知事(当時)
  3. ・ マーシャル諸島共和国大統領(当時)
  4. ・ パラオ共和国大統領(当時)
  5. ・ ヤップ州知事(当時)
  6. ・ ポンペイ州知事(当時)
John R.Haglegam President Federated States of Micronesia

"Over the years PATS has made a significant contribution to the development of our young nation and I hope that it will be able to do so in the future. In fact it is now more important than ever for the training PATS provides to be avail able to our people. With our recently gained independence, we are now faced for the first time in over a century with the responsibility to develop our islands by ourselves. To accomplish this, we need all types of trained manpower. While we need some college graduates, our greater need is for the type of vocationally trained workers that are graduated from PATS."

Yosiwo P. George Governor State of Kosrae

"PATS is a school which over the years has continually produced students of high caliber and maturity. PATS has always been a model of what education can accomplish in Micronesia and even more a model for what students in Micronesia can accomplish given good instruction and encouragement. I feel that, given the current plans for economic development, PATS can play an even more important role in developing Micronesia in the future."

Amata Kabua President Republic of the Marshall Islands

"Your school has contributed so much to the people of Micronesia. Many graduates of PATS have contributed to the life and growth of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. We are most grateful for their participation and assistance in our national government. As we congratulate your school we also remember with gratitude the life and gift of Father Hugh Costigan, S.J. His vision and dream have become a successful reality. He has a special place in the history of Micronesian education."

Ngiratkel Etpison President Republic of Palau

"These new emerging nations of Micronesia, our own Republic of Palau among them, know very well the importance of training a cadre of young adults skilled and professional in fields like agriculture, mechanics and construction. We praise the tremendous contribution that PATS has made to this enterprise over these past twenty-five years. We are particularly grateful to PATS for the care and training that it has given to the young men from the Republic of Palau that have passed through its classrooms and training centers since 1965. As we struggle to build a nation, we know that we can rely on the support of PATS. Know that as PATS struggles to provide quality vocational education for our young citizens, you can rely on the support of the Republic of Palau."

Petrus Tun Governor State of Yap

"It gives me great pleasure to note the outstanding contributions that PATS has made to Micronesia and its people. From its humble beginnings in a then remote and inaccessible part of the island of Ponape, the school has produced a core of skilled tradesmen in construction, mechanics and agriculture. While other schools have concentrated on general education and college preparation, PATS has endeavored to provide the vocational skills upon which any developing country depends. In its quiet way, PATS has made an impressive and positive impact on the development of Micronesia. Not only does the school impart skills to its students, it also instills in each a spirit of cooperation not evident in other institutions in Micronesia.

Resio S. Moses Governor State of Pohnpei

In the young men graduated with skills in construction and mechanics as well as in agriculture PATS is helping us meet great national needs. I am impressed by the quality of so many of your graduates; they give me assurance that we can develop the vocational skills our nations need, if only we have the proper programs of education and training. PATS is an inspiration to all of us whether in the public or the private sectors of development.

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