(From a commemorative booklet of 25th anniversary of PATS 1990)

  1. ・ Volunteers Who Have Worked At PATS
  2. ・ Dr.miklos
  3. ・ John-cosgrove
  4. ・ Paulino Dela Cruz
  5. ・ PATS Graduates
  6. ・ Akileus Amor

It is no surprise to those who know PATS that we focus on the Emergency Squad of the New York City Police Department and their dynamic and inspirational leader, "Mr. Emergency", Chief Walter Klotzback and Chief James McGuire. They were the first to teach Father Costigan what he needed to know to come to Ponape and to PATS. They have been there since "before the beginnings"-with advice-with sweat-with financial support-as well as equipment-but always with tremendous devotion to Father Costigan and the building of PATS.

Volunteers Who Have Worked At PATS

Here, we could really get in trouble by singling out individuals, but from all of these generous people, let's pick a few models who represent the different groups who have worked at PATS : Dick and Kay Finn: the first of the volunteers in Micronesia-friends of Father Costigan who put in many long years of service-people so dedicated to the people of Micronesia that they chose to be buried in Ponapean soil.

Dr. Miklos Szentkiralyi

photo:Dr. Miklos Szentkiralyi

From the Lay Mission-Helpers of the Los Angeles Archdiocese-For over fifteen years now, Dr. Miklos Szentkiralyi has been the friend and advisor of PATS students-teacher, director of Animal Husbandry, director of the bookstore-and a model of devotion to the youth of Micronesia.

John Cosgrove

photo:John Cosgrove

The Jesuit International Volunteers supported John Cosgrove, whom students have always admired as one of the hardest-working of their supervisers during afternoon work, a dedicated instructor in the classroom, and a role model for young men.

Paulino dela Cruz

photo:Paulino dela Cruz

Through all of its history, PATS has relied on Filipino Mission Workers. If we had to pick out one, we would go back to the early days of the school to thank Paulino dela Cruz for all that he did to get our Construction Department started off on the right track. In later years he has helped recruit other Filipinos who have contributed very much to the growth of PATS.

PATS Graduates

photo:Jesse Sidney

Jesse Sidney, a young man from the outer islands of Truk, was in the second graduating class of PATS in the year 1970. After graduation he went on to do collegiate studies in Vocational Education in Hawaii. He returned to PATS to join the staff- and did everything: Instructor in Mechanics, later chairman of the Department, and for awhile, the Principal of PATS. He now continues his contribution to the trades in Micronesia by heading up the T-3 Programs which certify the skill levels of young Micronesian tradesmen.

Akileus Amor

photo:Akileus Amor

Akileus Amor, of Awak in Pohnpei, graduated from PATS in 1973 and stayed on after that to work for the school until his sudden death as a result of an asthma attack in 1985. During his eleven years on the staff of PATS Kill was the man who made everything work, as he headed-up all that had to be done in machinery maintenance. Killi was always ready to help, no matter what time of day or night. His availability was not only for PATS but for anyone who needed his expertise with machines.

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