As PATS Looks To The Future...

As PATS Looks To The Future...

(From a commemorative booklet of 25th anniversary of PATS 1990)

  1. E Friends around the world
  2. E By the year 1993
  3. E Our greatest need
Friends around the world

We feel even more dependent on our friends around the world. Despite the generosity of our volunteer and Micronesian staff, who work for such a small financial return, operational expenses now come very close to a half-million dollars a year. It now costs almost $3,000 to keep a student at the school for a year. In the last few years we have asked each year that parents donate more money. We now ask for $350 from the family for each student. PATS must find the remaining funds from the governments of Micronesia, from foundations, from businesses and from many devoted friends. Before his death, Father Costigan was trying to reach an endowment fund of $2.5 million by this Twenty- fifth Anniversary. At this writing the endowment fund is approaching $1.2 million but is still far short of Father Costigan's goal.

By the year 1993

New advice urges that we should be trying to fully endow the school by the year 1993, which would mean that we would need $6 million in the fund. If this could happen, the Director and staff would not have to spend most of their time seeking the operating funds that are needed each year. There would be more time to study curriculum and development needs and to formulate ways in which PATS could be of even more service to the people of Micronesia.

Our greatest need

Our greatest need at the moment is for contributions to the Scholarship Fund which supports the operation of the school each year. We would also ask that you let others know how they can support the work that PATS is doing in Micronesia.

Perhaps you are in a position to make a larger contribution to the endowment fund or perhaps you can approach some companies or founda- tions which might be interested in making a contribution toward the endowment fund.

In this way you can show your encouragement and pride in what PATS has done in the past, and your trust and hope in what PATS will be able to do in the future for the de- velopment of the young nations of Micronesia.

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