The Nan Madol Ruin in Pohnpei

The Nan Madol Ruin in Pohnpei

The Nan Madol Ruin in Pohnpei

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JOCV's Nan Madol report
Report 1996 (Sorry not available. We're preparing whole translating of this report)

J. Churchward proposed in his book "Lost Moo continent" in 1931 that in the Pacific there existed ultra-ancient civilization which sank and disappeared 12,000 years ago. He said Nan Madol was its saint capital.....(From his report)

Welcome to Pohnpei island of mystery and legend.
The numbers of Japanese people who visit Pohnpei is on increase year after year.
Their main purpose of visit is sight-seeing, above all, diving. Very few people among them interested in visiting historic sites such as the ruin of Nan Madol.
Historic sites of Pohnpei are still under investigation and not well organized, and most of them are still veiled by deep tropical forest.
Among them, Nan Madol is the ruin to be the most noteworthy. There is no other marine cities in the world on such large scale as Nan Madol constructed bt that stones.
This is why Nan Madol has been praised as " Venice in the Pacific" since older times.
I am happy if this guide increases the number of visitors to the ruins of Nan Madol even by one person and if assists understanding of the ruin.

Author. Etsuo Sato 1996

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