The Origin of FOM

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The Origin of FOM

A Japanese leading newspaper, the Asahi reported on January 7 1988 as follows:
In Federated States of Micronesia on the South Pacific , Ponape Agriculture and Technical School, the only one vocational school in the country, aims at nurturing personnel to take the leadership in laying the foundation of the country, but this school is on the verge of a standstill following the death of an American Father who had founded this school.
A Japanese friend of the Father, Yoshihiro Motoyoshi (54)* who is running an international trading company at 3-chome, Sumiyoshi-yamate, Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, is rushing to make a support system for this school.

Micronesia was once a battlefleld during the Pacific War, when many people there were victimized. Motoyoshi is asking Japanese for cooperation saying, "Our cooperation with the development of Micronesia in a way means our taking responsibility toward the people there, because our post-war settlement was not enough. "

Mr. Motoyoshi Fr. Costigan
(left) Chairman of FOM : Yoshihiro Motcyoshi / (right) Founder of PATS : late Father Costigan

FOM started with the meeting of Father Costigan, the founder of PATS and Yoshihiro Motoyoshi, the president of an international trading company in Kobe.
Motoyoshi first met Father in 1973, when he observed a palm oil refining machine in P.A.T.School, and has been donating tractors and engines for the teaching materials. The students' tuition and governmental subsidies covered only 60% of $400,000, then annual working funds of the school, and the rest of the funds was covered by the donations Father Costigan gathered through his visits to other countries around the world.
Father Costigan launched a campaign to stabilize the school management. The campaign was to raise a total of $4.5million of educational fund in time for the 25th anniversary of the school, 1990. It was called "PATS 25" Campaign. However, only little support came from the official section of Japan for "PATS 25" Campaign. So, Motoyosi thought of making a support system 'Friends of Micronesia' to raise fund at people's level.

Dear Members of FOM,(excerpt from the first number of Kaselehlia, the newsletter 1988)

1988 On May 28 this year, we had a memorial service one year after Father Costigan(July 1914 - May 1987) passed away.
He was dubbed as a Schweitzer on the South Pacific , and was admired as a mentor and was loved as a father by all the Micronesian people. It is a great pleasure for me to address to each of the members of FOM as we publish the first number of our newsletter, and I am deeply touched at this moment.
The purpose of this newsletter is first to inform you, the members of FOM, of our activities. Further, it will be more significant to have this newsletter as an opportunity to learn about Micronesia and to exchange opinions between the members.
It also offers an opportunity to have friendship with the students of Ponape Agriculture and Trade School who have gathered from all the parts of Micronesia, and also with the volunteer teachers and staff there who have come from around the world.
We welcome opinions and hopes of our members. The fledgeling country, Federated States of Micronesia has shed away easy subordination and has chosen a difficult way toward liberty and independence. The future of this country depends on the youths studying at PATS. Now is the time for us to join forces and support the financially suffering PATS and to have our wonderfull dream to give our helping hands to the independence and self-help of this beautifull and peaceful country, Micronesia. And let us share this dream with as many people as possible by making them our fellow members.

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