We look forward to your participation

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We look forward to your participation

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in our activities, understands them and wants to work with us.
In the Micronesian Islands, such as Ponape Islands (now Pohnpei ) ,you can enjoy serene air; deep blue sea; beautiful coral reefs; bright flowers like hibiscus which lend more charm to the dark green tree leaves and especially, you will meet big-hearted people.
Once you visit these islands, you are sure to do so again and again. All the visitors, both Young and old, say they are able to find the time an oppotunity there to reflect on their lives to date and the life styles they have adapted.
sunset flower
Photo Manami Shimazaki 1995(C)

In the 40 years or so since the War, these islands were left out of the process of industrial development because of the cold war between West & East.
In order for all the small countries making up the Micronesian Federation to be independent and to stand by themselves, they need our co-operation and help.
Surely they will have a bright future in the 21st century if we help them, either individually or through groups of friends, schools, or companies.
The prospect exists to promote industry in this region using the rich natural resources of the Pacific Ocean, rather than relying on sight-seeing which destroys this heavenly natural paradise.
Please co-operate with us.

Below is the prospectus when established.

To whom it may concern;

Feb. 20. 1988
The purpose of establlshing "Friends of Micronesia" is to co-operate in the efforts of all Micronesia towards self-sustaining educational and economic development. and in particular by supporting the existence of "PATS".
Ponape Agriculture and Trade School (PATS) is the only professional training school in all Micronesia ( its area is a little bigger than North America).
It was founded by the late Rev. Hugh F.Costigan. S.J. who had devoted most of his life to school.

It is the primary aim of the organization to solicit educational funds from interested parties in the United States, Europe and volunteer groups related all over the world. In accordance with the development and progress of the organization, we are now planning various projects such as issuing bulletins, exchange programs between Japanese schools, goodwill trips including fact-finding tours to "PATS", acceptance of graduates as the students studying abroad, sending Japanese volunteers to "PATS" and so on.

For this purpose, we need to recruit as many co-operative members as possible to support this project. Now we would like to tell you something about "Friends of Micronesia". We intended to hold a proposal meeting to choose some officers (the operating staff members) and officially launch the activity of this organization here in Kobe.
But the press reports of our members' activities have spread all over the country. They appeared in the Asahi , the Mainichi , the Kobe , the Japan Industrial Journal, the Industrial Daily News and so on. Now it is almost impossible and useless to call a proposal meeting only in Kobe. That's why we have decided to start the activity officially on a nation-wide scale on Feb. 20. 1988.
Please understand and agree with us.

It might be beyond my power. but I'd like to work as a representative of the organization selecting necessary officers from each district and prefecture. I intend to meet with them and ask them to be officers.

To start with, we will begin work with about 20 staff members as officers. Depending on the rate of increase of members. we'll try to add necessary officials to deal with.

Particular donations to assist our activity are welcomed. We would accept any person to join regardless of nationality, age, etc.
If you join us we will issue you with membership certification. Acting leader : Yumi Honda. Friends of Micronesia

Reference Saving Account
Minato Ginko(Bank) Honten Eigyobu
No. 1735151
Name Friends of Micronesia, Secretariat : Eriko Aramaki.

If having read our Establishment outline. you wish to support our activities. please get in touch with us.
In case you want to send money by a postal transfer , please use the writing space on the back.
Please let us know your name, address, age and occupation so we can draw up a list of members.

Friends Of Micronesia. Office
c/o F.L.S Co.,Ltd.
Sannnomiya 2-4-1
Chuou-Ku Kobe, Hyogo 650-0021, JAPAN

Acting leader: Yumi Honda

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