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  1. Greeting from FOM Representative
  2. Technical Support Volunteer, Catholic Media (The Tsuij-s, Mr. Shin'ich & Mrs, Harumi Tsuij)
  3. Fire Engine , short in number, and Photos : "Micronesia, Her Nature and Culture" .
  4. House for Friends of Micronesia
  5. "Plain Advice to Japanese" , First Secretary, Embassy of Federated States of Micronesia

To All Members
FOM Representative
Yoshihiro Motoyoshi

After the Typhoon #7, which had stormed violently here, went off to Tokai and Kanto Districts, we view, in our office window, all the sceneries fresh as just-washed up ...Streets of Kobe, Osaka Bay, and far beyond of them, clouds passing over the lkoma Mount Ranges.
My 9 days trip of this time to Micronesia, from May 21st to 29th, all alone, were of the days really busy but full, having attended graduation ceremony of PATS, also directors board meeting held in the afternoon of that day, and meeting visitors all through the time from breakfast to dinner.

Technical Support Volunteer of Catholic Media
The Tsuji.s, Mr. Shin'ich & Mrs, Harumi Tsuji

As pre-advised in #16, Mr. and Mrs, Tsuji of Kyoto, got married on April last, left on 9th May for Ponape, to resume and continue technical support for Catholic Media in Micronesia.
The newlyweds rent an apartment on the 2nd floor of a school premises in Colonia there, scheduling to stay and carry on volunteer work as long as the local needs requires. They are to succeed the vocation aimed by the late Mr. Yo'ichi Kaizu.
During my stay there, I spent times with the couple, and introduced them to H.E. Mr. Masao Nakayama the Ambassador to Japan also to H.E.Mr. James A, Naichi, the Minister, both happened back to home from Japan to attend meeting, and also to number of my acquaintances and friends there.
Mr. and Mrs. Tsuji are willing to stay there more than a year, but there are lots of matters, like native police clearance etc. , to settle, so that they can stay as they intend to Economic assistance provided by USA presently is to terminate by the year 2001, and definite measures to cope with the situation are yet to be worked out.
Furthermore, the Federated States Government and States Governments are about to start restructuring themselves, thus the things are getting yet more difficult economically.
We all sympathize the difficulties to start volunteer life under such a circumstance, and we, as this Society, realize that we should, the more, enlarge and strengthen our supporting effort for Micronesia.

Fire Engine, short of in number,
and Photos : "Micronesia, Her Nature and Culture" .

I wish to introduce to you, the honorable members, a Mr. Shojiro Uekawa. He was the head of Fire Fighting Bureau of Kobe Municipality when that Earthquake attacked, and as you appreciate he fought those all troubles of the Quake.
He retired the job at the age limit, and he is now posted to the curator of Kobe Municipal Youth Science Institute. He, after he got retired, cruised islands of Micronesia on m.v. Oceania Grace twice with his wife, she herself being a Haiku poet.
He got attracted to the nature and culture of Micronesia. He studied her history, and her relation with Japan.
There is a Mrs. Nakamatsu, who resides there since 10 years by now, being a member of this Society, whom people who visited there would know well, happens to be a classmate at the high school to this Mr. Uekawa, all above made us welcome him to this Society as a new member.
Once, HE. the Ambassador Mr. Nakayama and HE. the Minister Mr. Naichi visited Kobe, and on a dinner table, where I was with them, they asked cooperation to send fire engines which were in short of in the islands of Micronesia.
Under auspices of Nishinomiya Fire Fighting Bureau and Nishinomiya Lions Club, 2 engines have been shipped for Truk Islands (or the State of Chuke), and we are told that 3 more engines will be arranged under auspices of Kobe Fire Fighting Bureau.
A hitch was there. The freight to the destination costed US$6,000. per each engine. For the first 2 engines, I arranged personally. And for the remaining 3 engines, Mr. Uekawa provides 1000 volumes of his own issue of Photo Book " Micronesia, Her Nature and Culture, Ponape, Truk, Palau Heart of Micronesian Charm" free of charge Besides he is going to ask cooperation to his friends and groups.
Together with this Report, you are receiving each 1 volume of the Photo Book. I will be happy, if you kindly introduce this matter to your friends to get additional contribution. Meantime, of course, we are taking up this freight matter to State Government there and legation in Tokyo.

House for Friends of Micronesia

Also in the previous Report, we reported you of the land site that the Late Deputy Reverend Father Lorenzo Ioanis left us per his will, We program to build a house at the site, and make there a lodging and resting facility where you, the member of this Society, can taste local dishes and enjoy exchanges with people there. We are very keenly to have this idea realized.
Lucky enough, a member of us, Mr. Hisa'o Hiraga, who runs his Architect Offilce at the same floor with this office, will plan the building free of charge using "Block Hose" under patent of Mr. shige'o Naka'o, also our member, of Takachiho, Miyazaki Pref.
No budget has ever been secured yet, however, we step out to realize the program, bannering a word of "No Dream, No Realization". Your will find, with this Report, its first plan, and photo of the site taken this time. I hope we can share the dream together!

"Plain Advice to Japanese",
First Secretary, Embassy of Federated States of Micronesia

Mr. John Fritz, First Secretary, Embassy of Federated States of Micronesia, a Tokai University graduate, residing in Tokyo now, has been giving his personal understanding to this Society since its start, contributed an essay "Plain Advice to Japanese" to June 14th 1997 issue of "Shukan Gendai", We introduce it here, please read it :
The 1st secretary of FSM, Mr John Fritz(left)Mr John Fritz(left)
Photo by Manami Shimazaki.

My uncle is a Japanese. His name is a Susumu Aizawa. I wonder, probably people of a little good age might remember him. Yah, he is the Pitcher Aizawa, who played as an ace in Mainich Orions (present Chiba Lotte) immediately after the War.
After retirement, my uncle went back to Micronesia, and was posted to the Chief of Truk Island. He held Micronesia Game, which is inter-Micronesian Islands baseball match, thus ccntributed to widespread baseball locally.

The man first introduced baseball to Micronesia was a Japanese in pre-War time. Having passed more than 80 years under Japanese administration, about 20% of total population of 110,000 people of our country is Japanese descendants. And Japanese influence remains there strongly.
When we got independence from America in 1986. the first President erected was a Mr. Toshi'o Nakayama Japanese descendant Japanese came to our land, and made roads and schools. Also, they founded Baseball, one un-replaceable culture there. Recently, thanks to the favor of "Yomi-uri Enterprise of Light and Love", it was decided that baseball boys of our country will be presented bats and gloves.
At the same time, there is a move to hold a Baseball Match next year under a title of "Matsu'i Hideki Cup, Micronesia situates very close to Guam and Saipan. But, I am looking for to build up a baseball big power there, not a mere sight seeing resort, which can win game against Japan.

The all baseball lovers of Japan, please do come to Micronesia, and through baseball, let's promote international exchange! (Mr. John Fritz, First Secretary, Embassy of Federated States of Micronesia)

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