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The activities of "Friends of Micronesia"

  1. The Origin
  2. Our Activity
  3. From FOM Newsletter [Kaselehlie] (means "Hello" in Ponapean)
  4. Income and Outgo of FOM
  5. Expecting your Participation!

The activities of "Friends of Micronesia"

The purpose of FOM
The islands of Micronesia which were governed under Japan during the World War I and the end of the World War II became so awful the battle field between the U.S.A. and Japan as called the Atlantic War and the hell that nobody could escape from bloodshed and destruction.
So the purpose of FOM is to support the education, the fullness of medical treatment and cultivation of agriculture and fishing in order to keep the self-government and independent of the people in the former Southern Ocean Islands.


  1. We started taking over the late Father Costigan's dream who founded Ponape Agriculture & Trade School that is only vocational school in the Pacific area by himself for the purpose of the realization of World's peace and the maintenance of The Pacific Ocean's peace and the independence of Micronesia and operated the school by the money which Father Costigan made pilgrimage and collected all over the world, and supporting this school early since we established this group.
  2. The material, pecuniary and technical and talent support to Ponape Agriculture & Trade School.
    We sent the stationaries (pens and paper), clothes, some machines needed for machine and architecture & construction course, parts of tools, and the agricultural tructors that were all collected from all over the nation to schools in Ponape Island. (Packing and loading are all proceeded by our bureau. )
  3. Co-operation with the spot
    The representative visits the spot with the voluntary members for the certification of practical use of supplied materials and investigation of the demand items twice a year. At that time we communicate with Islanders. (Other members also visit the spot with their family and friends. )
  4. Communication
    We co-operate with Kobe Community Center(KICC) and send the people needed for the spot and accept the apprentices and the students studying abroad. We supply stationaries, civil engineering/architecture, machines, agricultural appliances, tools, tructore.

The feature of the group

  1. International activities
    We gave voluntary cooperation to Kobe Fespic ( The disable athlete's sport competition of Asia and Atlantic Area) and invited the athletes and commisionars of four Micronesian countries. (Federated states of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, The Marshall Islands, Republic of Kiribati) and held the communication meeting with Kobe citizens. We were recieved a letter of appreciation from FESPIC Bureau and the award of International Communication of 1992 .
  2. We put great emphasis on the activities of the practical support rather than exchanging the friendship.

Date of establishment
February 20, 1988

Number of members
550 (September, 1996)

The condition of an entrance
Anyone who supports the object of our group and can cooperate with us. Nationality, age and sex are out of question.
The entrance fee: \2,000
The annual fee: \3,000

Examples of Supplied Materials

  1. Items sent in August 1994
    To the new school established on Yap Island
    Items                        Amount
    Used hand-operated typewriter16
    Writing paper54Kg
    Color pencil(New)69
    Color pencil(Used)320
    Sharp pencil(used)25
    Memo pad(new)20
    Chalk of blackboar1carton(100 pieces)
    Shoulde water bottle27

  2. Items sent in September 1994
    To PATS
    Items                        Amount
    Yammer air-cooled diesel dynamo(new)1
    Paper cutting machine1
    Carpenter tool(new)6
    Writing paper64Kg

  3. Items sent in November 1994
    To school in Yap state
    Items                        Amount
    Pencil and eraser600
    Red pencil200
    Color pencil(set of new 12 pieces)20
    Crayon (new 24 colors)10

    (Items were sent over 20 times between November 1994 and January 1997)
  4. Items sent in January 1997
    Items                        Amount
    Used small car1

  5. Items sent in February 1997
    Items                        Amount
    Beach sandal712
    Used tire13
    Used crayon, pastel123
    Used writing goods1,626
    Ball point pen525
    Writing paper18Kg
    Pencil case15

  6. Items sent in May 1997
    Items                        Amount
    Used car1

  7. Items sent in June 1997
    Items                        Amount
    Ball point pen250
    Writing paper2Kg
    Lady's skirt for working239
    Lady's vest for working247
    Used fire engine2

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